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Karen was born in Massachusetts and primarily grew up there with a few pit stops along the way. Her first trip to Walt Disney World did not occur until she was 14 years old when she went with her family to the Polynesian Resort. It was not until years later when she returned with her children and husband (for their first trip) that the real obsession began. Returning to the lobby of the Polynesian brought back all the memories she had forgotten, and ignited a Disney passion in her family's life. Karen currently guest blogs for The Disney Driven Life as their wedding expert and is co-founder of her blog, The Best Friends Guide To.

Any NDB’s out there looking for more detailed information on possible Disney wedding sites be sure to check this out. Disney just released a virtual venue tour this week on their wedding site. Perfect for the bride to be who can’t make it to WDW before hand to finalize locales, it allows you to explore all venues available to you and will even make recommendations based on the number of guests or personal preferences.

Compare venues side by side, and even see table settings all from the comfort of your home. Google Earth Flyovers also allows you access to ceremony, reception, or rehearsal dinner spots. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself. I am already married but checked it out and now want to get married all over again!

Get all your info here and happy wedding plans!

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Virtual Venue Tour

Contributed by Karen (NDM #224). Karen is our resident Disney Wedding’s expert and co-creator of The Best Friends Guide To . . .

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