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During the Disney Institute workshop, we were instructed to list the points of contact with our customers. A point of contact is any representation of the company that a person comes in contact with: phone calls, meetings, brochures, even your parking lot. The goal is to turn each contact into a positive experience.

While making my list, I had a thought. How could I put a smile on my customer’s face even before they walk in the door? What would let them know we appreciate them and that we have a sense of humor even before we greet them?


The signs are working even better than I anticipated and are receiving so many positive comments. The funniest comment was from a gentleman who said, “I don’t appreciate being asked to park in the rear, do you know what a long walk that is?”

The magic and enthusiasm of the Disney Institute workshop is over, but what comes next for a small business?

Contributed by: Donna F. (NDGM#14). Donna is our resident Disney Institute expert for small businesses.


  1. Shelley, thanks for reading the commenting. It just adds the little spark that makes writing that much sweeter. I really just enjoy telling my story.

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