Did you know that there are 25 different Walt Disney Resorts?!?  With so many resorts to choose from, where do you even begin?!  For myself, I tend to start off by thinking of how much time we will spend in the room.  If we will be spending a bit of time in the room relaxing, I typically decide to spend that time in a more spacious moderate or deluxe resort.  However, if I know we will be spending all of our waking hours in the parks, I tend to decide on a value resort.

But with the change of seasons, I have been rethinking this theory and wondering about choosing a resort that accommodates the season of the year!  With the onset of fall, I have had a hankering to stay at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.  It seems like the opportune time to pop up a tent and head over to the bonfire starring Chip and Dale or rent a canoe, and enjoy the quiet as you paddle around the Disney World Resort.

Then I think that maybe as the fall moves on, it would be better to instead stay in an actual room and not in a tent!  And when I think of the winter months, I always think of the ever-inviting Wilderness Lodge.  The lobby is so wondrous with its spacious 7-story vaulted ceilings and 82-foot-tall lobby fireplace.  This deluxe resort is beautifully decorated with themes of wildlife, nature and Native American designs.  The feeling of this resort is cozy and homey, making it “feel” like a good pick for a winter resort.

In the spring, the Grand Floridian Resort seems like a good fit for the season.  The decor is light and Victorian, which lends guests a sense of spring through its pastel colors and beautiful views of the Seven Seas Lagoons.  To take advantage of the warming weather offered by this season, guests can rent watercrafts, spend time on the white-sand beach, kiddie pool and the Beach Pool, which offers cascading waterfalls and a water slide.  The landscaping at this resort invites the guests to explore the exterior and all of the lush vegetation offered in Springtime, making this resort is a perfect selection.

Finally, for the summer months, I think I would select the Caribbean Beach Resort.  This resort gives the guests the look and feel of being away at a Caribbean hideaway!  The guest rooms sections are named after islands such as Aruba, Jamaica, etc.  The pool is inviting and whimsical with the inclusion of a boat and Spanish fortress, which includes towers, cannon feature, and a water slide.  With the resort’s Barefoot Bay, guests are invited to soak up the sun as they stroll around the resort!

These are just a few suggestions and a new spin on resort selections.  Do you and your family have other interesting ways you choose a resort for your Walt Disney stay?

I always love to hear your opinions here!  Find me on twitter @nrhenley and check out my website at http://meetthemagic.com!  Have a magical day!

Contributed by: Natalie H. (NDM #268). Natalie is the Natalie is the Disney Driven Life’s resident resort expert.


  1. We usually alternate between Port Orleans Riverside and Caribbean Beach. If it is warmer weather, we go with Caribbean. During the cooler months we go to Port Orleans. This last trip was during a cooler month, but my children convinced me that the pirate pool (aka Caribbean Beach) would be the best resort. Against my better judgement, I let them choose. We still loved CBR but it was absolutely freezing! And, did you know that when it is cold, the only lounge on property, the Banana Cabana, is closed? Now we are not heavy drinkers, but when on vacation with a 5 yo, a 3.5 yo, and a 2 yo, and making your way through a New England snowstorm, have two kids refuse to go through the security scanner at the airport and a son who had to use the bathroom on the plane at least 4 times, we needed a drink on arrival. Unfortunately, we had to settle for our refillable mugs and lemonade since the Banana Cabana was closed due to weather. Now had we stayed at POR, we could have hit the River Roost. Also, because it was so cold, the kids pirate pool was also closed a few days we were there. But on our last day, it was in the 70s and we enjoyed the pool and a few Pina Colavas! I would highly recommend POR during the spring though because the Magnolia trees are in bloom and gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! I wonder if there were drinks available at Old Port Royale Food Court at the time you were looking for one!

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