One thing we here at the DDL knew for a while is that the Confessional needed some work.  For me, the resident tech geek, this became a project that was almost as much of an undertaking as re-creating the site’s basic design.  Both had to be done in a way that didn’t impact the user, and that kept the look and feel of the site as much as possible.  Most importantly, we had to avoid loosing data.  So, much like the site, I re-wrote the code that was the confessional.  Then after a bit of CSS theming to make it much more readable than it was before, and the addition of a CAPTCHA to help prevent SPAM, I arrived at what I felt was a version of the Confessional that better suited the needs of the DDL going forward.

Please let us know what you think.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Confessional Makeover

  1. Well we could display more than 5 per page, maybe 10. But more than that would be unwieldy in terms of page load / render time. Is the pagination an issue?

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