Greetings neurotic believers! (some of you got that reference, and I love you for it)

Just here to let you know a few things regarding some work I’ve been doing with the inner mouse audio podcast (tip: did you know that it’s “inner mouse” not “innermouse”, “InnerMouse”, “Inner Mouse”, or “Fred”?) – the audio version of the regular weekly vidcast that you’ve been tuning in to.  You have been tuning in right?  If not, then head here for more information.

For now, I’m done mucking with the feed and reposting old episodes.  I apologize if I’ve been driving you nuts.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and there’s something with the feed I’m not 100% satisfied with, but I’m going to live with it for now.  Is it pretty on your podcasting device always? No, we’ll work on that.  For now, what’s important is that you can carry inner mouse everywhere you go.  That’s something I can live with.

So what else then is going on.  Well for starters, check out the main page here at The Disney Driven Life.  Now, just under the header, and before the first post you’ll see some information about inner mouse including the web site, and links for listening.  We want to make listening as easy as possible for you, so we’ve provided you three options.  The first two lead you to iTunes page and RSS feed for the inner mouse podcast.

What’s really fun is that the third option allows you to listen right here on The Disney Driven Life.  Just go to our podcast page, or any individual podcast post and you’ll see a player for each episode.

Just click the play button in a player and you’re listening to the episode of your choice.  It’s just that easy.

So now sit back, relax, and listen to the inner mouse team however you like.

Your ever present Resident Tech Geek and NDH#19.

One thought on “inner mouse PODCAST INTEGRATION

  1. I am so glad that the inner mouse time has been working so hard to provide us with Disney news, rumors & just fun entertainment in a way that I have not seen done by anyone else.

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