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Amy’s love of Disney stems from a family tree firmly rooted in the Mouse. Her father’s first trip to the World was to the Welcome Center before the Magic Kingdom was completed. He filled their home and vacations with Disney magic. Herself a former College Program Cast Member, DVC Member, Disney Marathon finisher, and Disney bride, Amy has seen and done much of what Disney has to offer but she’s always longing for more. Currently a stay-at-home mother, she’s enjoying blogging with her father, brother, and some fantastic Disney friends at She’s thoroughly enjoying meeting new friends and sharing Walt Disney World memories through her writing.

I leave for Walt Disney World tomorrow morning. I am excited but always have those last minute, “Did I pack everything?” concerns. My biggest worry is flying alone with my 18 month old, but that’s another story. It’s not too hard to pack for myself, but I rely on my spreadsheets to pack for “Tink.”

I started my packing spreadsheets when she was very small. None of our family lives nearby, so even a visit to Grandma’s house is a big packing ordeal. It was really helpful to have a list of what I needed, broken down by categories. I could check off items as I set them aside. This helped me to pack a little at a time and know exactly what was still needed at the last minute. Granted, I still over-packed. Each time I use the spreadsheet at a new age, I try to revise it and save a new copy. For future kids, I’ll just be able to print off a list and get ready to go.

This will be Tink’s second trip to Walt Disney World. Her first was in the spring for her first birthday. She still has a full suitcase to herself, but I am carrying far less this time. It is helpful that she’s no longer on formula and generally eats what the rest of the family does. I learned to take some, but not many, snacks. I learned not to carry her own bowls and so many cups. I do admit to packing too many clothes for her. This time of year is a little tricky as parts of the day can be chilly and there is a good bit of rain in the forecast. I’m not carrying so many toys or books. Granny, Granddaddy, and Uncle Chris like to get her surprises and are pretty entertaining in their own right.

I gave my parents a bag of disposable items the last time they were at my house, so they are transporting diapers, wipes, bibs, table covers, and straw cups. If you don’t have such a service, consider shipping a box to yourself. It’s cheaper than the baggage fees on most airlines. Include your reservation number and check in date on the address label.

This time I am trying to go with the theory of packing the basics, and if I run out of anything, well, I’ll go shopping. Something tells me we’ll be just fine.

Contributed by: Amy E (NDM#242). Amy is our resident baby expert and creator of Growing Up Disney.

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