This week, there has been a small update from the Disney Parks Blog on the new Star Tours II attraction.  The news is about who the new pilot of the Star Speeder will be.  There was word there would be a new pilot named AC-38, also known as Ace.  With the storyline it seems that, as you are getting ready for your ride, he is the one who will be your pilot.  The surprise comes when you load into your Star Speeder and see not Ace, but a much more familiar droid is driving, one by the name of C-3P0! The story as to how 3P0 becomes the pilot has not come out yet, though I am sure it must be a good one.  From what I remember, he really hates space travel, which may make for a very interesting flight.  It was also announced that Rex, the pilot from the original Star Tours, would also be featured somehow in this new attraction, though his part is still unknown.

Contributed by: Jessica C. (NDI#21). Jessica is our resident “Gossip Girl” and creator of The True Disney Fan Blog.

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