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After the last inner mouse show, you asked the team if they could do a meetup after a show.  They said, “Yes!”

Well guess what… Tonight, November 30th, is an experimental Disney Driven Life / inner mouse meetup at the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Come meet the team who, along with the help of myself, your DDL Resident Tech Geek, and my wife, Cheryl are attempting to plus this event for you.

The meetup will occur in two parts*:

Part 1: Group inner mouse Viewing

Time:  7:00 pm
Place:  Pollo Campero, Downtown Disney

Come watch the inner mouse team live show with Todd & Cheryl Perlmutter.  They’ll be coming with their notebook computer in tow and a MiFi hotspot to connect it to allowing for us to watch the show together as a group.  While you’re at it you can try out this new restaurant offering at Downtown Disney.  Pollo Campero can be found where the McDonalds used to be.

Part 2: DDL / inner mouse Meetup

Time: 9:30 pm
Place:  Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

After the inner mouse team leaves their secret inner recording sanctum, they will head on over to have a bite of some ice cream.  The “View Crew” will head over here after the show ends to meet them.  And guess what we’ll be live streaming this event!!!  You can watch and chat live here:

The Disney Driven Life Broadcast Channel

In case you need them, here are some chat tips.

You can reach me on Twitter as @tperlmutter should you have problems finding us.

* please note that all times are approximate

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