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Amanda's experiences with Disney got off to a rocky start at age 4 when she infamously asked her mom in the middle of the Magic Kingdom if she could "go back to the room and color." Her attention span, however, has increased since then, and now she cannot get enough of Disney. She aims to visit Walt Disney World as much as her college budget will allow, and--in between trips--she satisfies her Disney hunger by managing The Disney Driven Life, blogging for Disney College Blog and tweeting from her @discollegeblog account. She strives to live the Disney Driven Life every day, so she can be the best Neurotic Disney Individual she can be.

Have you ever heard of Sorcerer Radio? If you haven’t, it’s an online radio station that plays all Disney music! In addition they play live shows, and on Friday mornings at 8 am (with replays Friday at 7 pm and Sunday at 2 pm), Sorcerer Radio plays their Tiki Room Morning Show: Under New Management.   On both December 3rd and December 10th, our very own JL (NDM #1) will be a guest on the Tiki Room Morning Show in a special highlight episode! There will also be a special giveaway where Sorcerer Radio listeners can win a specialized print and haiku created just for them by JB of Mouse of Zen and Knell Studioworks!

You seriously cannot go wrong with Sorcerer Radio. With Disney park music and Disney live shows, there’s something to listen to 24/7.  To show your support, you can follow the Tiki Room Morning Show on Twitter at @WDWTikiRoom, and you can follow Sorcerer Radio at @SrSounds. Look out for JL on the station in early December, and enjoy listening!

Contributed by: Amanda P. (NDI #76). Amanda is our Community Reporter and creator of the Disney College Blog.


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