There is no better way to prepare for the holidays than by snuggling up with your Disney driven family to watch ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas.”   Now in its 13th year, “25 Days of Christmas” offers nightly, holiday-themed entertainment for the whole family.  This year, in addition to the return of all your Christmas favorites, “25 Days of Christmas” will feature an all-new original special, The Gruffalo, featuring the voices of Harry Potter stars, Robbie Coltrane and Helena Bonham Carter.  The Gruffalo will air on December 9 at 7 pm ET/PT.

Through December 17, “25 Days of Christmas” will air nightly during prime time.  Beginning December 18 through Christmas Day, there will be all-day holiday programming.

Other highlights of this year’s schedule include the original movie, Christmas Cupid starring Christina Milian, Chad Michael Murray, and Ashley Benson.  Christmas Cupid, a modern day treatment of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, premieres on Sunday, Dec 12 at 8 pm ET/PT.  Academy Award winner, WALL-E will air on Fri, Dec 17 at 8:30 pm ET/PT, and a back-to-back showing of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will be featured on Sunday, December 19.

Contributed by: John M. (NDD #172). John is our resident DVC expert.

4 thoughts on “ABC FAMILY’S “25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS”

  1. I miss the days when 25 days of Christmas was all holiday movies. Now it’s a grab bag of anything ABC Family wants to play.

  2. I agree, Dana. If it is the 25 days of Christmas, all the programming selected should be Christmas-related or have a significant Christmas scene in it. Other than helping provide a great family activity for bonding, the idea is to get you in the mood for Christmas, right?

  3. I caught “The Gruffalo” last night…Cleverly done, but I was wondering how it was going to tie-in with Christmas…It didn’t. But they redeemed themselves by showing two Donald Duck Christmas shorts and then “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

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