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Amanda's experiences with Disney got off to a rocky start at age 4 when she infamously asked her mom in the middle of the Magic Kingdom if she could "go back to the room and color." Her attention span, however, has increased since then, and now she cannot get enough of Disney. She aims to visit Walt Disney World as much as her college budget will allow, and--in between trips--she satisfies her Disney hunger by managing The Disney Driven Life, blogging for Disney College Blog and tweeting from her @discollegeblog account. She strives to live the Disney Driven Life every day, so she can be the best Neurotic Disney Individual she can be.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! LOL! AND I know someone with a monorail around their Christmas tree!! LOL!

  2. um…guilty as charged.
    i have 163 days 13 hours and 42 minutes til my next Disney vacation (not counting the DisneySMMoms in March).
    i just received both a 2011 WDW vacation planning video AND a DCL video. just because.

    LOVE this video!

  3. I confess that I do have that monorail around my Christmas tree, and I also collect Disney paint swatches from Home Depot for no good reason. Not only is my favorite number 407, it is now my area code!!! Yay!

  4. So when I got my Google Voice number, not only did I make sure it was a 407 number, I made sure the exchange (2nd 3 digits in a number) belonged to Disney also. So my phone number for Google Voice is in Reedy Creek, FL 🙂

  5. Love this! This reminds me, must go and get the 2011 video now 🙂 If we had a Christmas tree, we would likely have a monorail around it. So wish there was more Disney Chanukah items.

  6. For years now there have only been a few of the same Chanukah items to buy. Wish they would do some new items as there are defintiely Jewish Disney fans that like to decorate.

  7. Completely agree. And the ones they have now are sort of lame… it’s like trying to take some Christmas ideas and put a Chanukah “skin” on them. Sad really.

  8. This is adorable. Had to laugh every time one came up that I totally do. 🙂 I feel so normal now.

  9. This was fabulous!!! Love it! Especially “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas!!” As a former Cast Member, I can relate! Obsessed and proud of it! Happy New Year! 🙂 Oh and 17 more days till my next trip to WDW! 🙂

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