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Natalie grew up in Nashville, TN. Married with one son, she lives on a farm. As if this weren't enough to keep her on her toes, Natalie also works around the clock due to being self-employed . Natalie often travels to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, giving her a vast knowledge of the Disney Resorts which she shares in her posts on The Disney Driven Life. She loves the research on the resorts and appreciates input for these articles as well. In recent trips, Natalie has begun making a habit of meeting people while in the parks. This habit inspired her personal website, Meet the Magic, This site helps her connect to others as well as hold space for Disney fans to post information about their Disney related sites. Her goal with this venture is to help people to "Meet the Magic" of their choice.

Last week, you may recall that I discussed renting points for a stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs.  My family stayed for 5 nights in a Studio there at Saratoga Springs.  This resort is one of Disney’s Vacation Club properties with 6 sections—The Springs, The Paddock, Congress Park, The Carousel, The Grandstand and the Treehouse Villas.  The accommodations include those that meet the needs of one visitor in a studio to the needs of a family traveling with up to 12 guests.  The grounds cover 65 acres and is located in the Downtown Disney area.  In fact, Downtown Disney is an easy walk from the Congress Park section!

My family requested the Congress Park section upon check-in.  We were told that that section was booked.  We were permitted to move to this section the next day, but did not want to use our vacation time repacking our items the next day.  Our room instead was located in The Carousel, which is on the opposite side of the resort from Congress Park.  The room was easy to get to and was located right across the street from the bus pickup, though we had a car on this trip.

The room was on the second floor, with no elevator that I could find. (Did I miss it?  I looked all over for it!)  With all of our bags and stroller, an elevator would have been nice.  As mentioned, we had a studio.  The layout is as follows: walk-in area with wall hanger for coats, hats, etc. on left as you walk in the room, a few feet ahead on the right was our kitchen with college-sized refrigerator, microwave, sink and overhead cabinets.  The cabinets had plasticware and paper plates and bowls.  In addition, there was a cup towel and soap for washing the glass cups and coffee mugs provided.  Behind the kitchen is a vanity and sink, adjacent closet with bathroom to the left.  The bathroom is a good size, mirroring that found in a moderate.  Up from the kitchen is the bedroom portion of the room with television console, double bed and pull out couch.  Beside the television is a table with two chairs and a sliding glass door.

The room was very clean.  It felt nearly new in fact.  The carpets were great, the bedspreads felt newer.  We were impressed with the feel of the place!  I would like to detail our actual experience a bit further in next week’s article.  Hope you will stay tuned!

Contributed by: Natalie H. (NDM #268). Natalie is the Disney Driven Life’s resident resort expert and creator of Meet the Magic!


  1. Natalie, I too have stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort. We stayed in The Paddock building I believe and it did have an elevator. It was located near the center of the building behind the area where they have the benches and people sit and smoke. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not.

    Glad to hear that you too enjoyed the comfy rooms!

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