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Amy’s love of Disney stems from a family tree firmly rooted in the Mouse. Her father’s first trip to the World was to the Welcome Center before the Magic Kingdom was completed. He filled their home and vacations with Disney magic. Herself a former College Program Cast Member, DVC Member, Disney Marathon finisher, and Disney bride, Amy has seen and done much of what Disney has to offer but she’s always longing for more. Currently a stay-at-home mother, she’s enjoying blogging with her father, brother, and some fantastic Disney friends at She’s thoroughly enjoying meeting new friends and sharing Walt Disney World memories through her writing.

My husband recently accepted a job offer with his current company.  This offer requires us to move 1,200+ miles away, so I’ve started staging the house to sell.  Professional stagers tell you to pack away all family pictures because potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in the home.  Note I said THE home, not YOUR home.  Pictures of your family distract buyers from taking in the details of and hopefully falling in love with the house.

Well, I packed up all of our pictures over the weekend, and, yes, the house does look closer to the goal.  It’s welcoming and pretty but impersonal.  I’ve been looking around, and the place still has character.  Or should I say, characters.

I’ve kept my Disney decor on the simple side, but there are still touches of Mickey, Pooh, and other favorites in nearly every room.  A classic three circle Mickey tops the fruit basket.  A Pooh teapot peeks down from the top of the kitchen cabinets.  The Precious Moments wedding couple on the dresser sport ear hats.

Unlike removing family pictures, it’s not as simple to remove Disney from my home.

Contributed by: Amy E (NDM#242). Amy is our resident baby expert and creator of  “ “Growing Up Disney.

2 thoughts on “DE-DISNEY-FYING MY HOME

  1. Amy,
    I hope to some day I will be de disney fying my home with in the near feature but to the positive to more closer to all things Disney.

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