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Brian was born and raised in central Florida at the footsteps of Walt Disney World. After falling in love with the movies Aladdin and The Lion King, he decided that he would pursue a career in art. Shortly after college, Brian bought an annual pass to Disney and it became a regular hangout for him and his friends. It seemed that everything positive in Brian’s life had something with Disney involved in it. Disney has become a great stress reliever and a great home away from home, a place where the kid in everyone can come out.

Photo Credit: Brian Fee

In honor of the opening of the Wild Africa Trek in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I wanted to post this interesting picture of a meerkat. You can find these very cautious creatures on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. Standing at the highest point in the exhibit, one of these guys typically is looking for predators that might come attack them. The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail always puts you in front of the animals, giving you these great interactions with Africa’s native animals. Even if you might not get the chance to do the Wild Africa Trek you can always get a chance to interact with other wonderful animals in the other areas of the park.

Contributed by: Brian Fee (NDH#44) Brian is the DDL Roaming Photographer.

2 thoughts on “A WATCHFUL EYE

  1. Great pic Brian! I look forward to your future posts. I think meercats are cool. My family likes watching Meercat Manor on tv.

  2. Thank you, I look forward to taking and posting more images. I love this park and I love the nature trails that they offer.

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