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Amy Falk Petermann was born in Menominee, WI and now lives in the Fox Cities. As a child, Amy would beg her parents day in and out to take her to Walt Disney World. She would finally get her wish at the young ripe age of 17, where her life would change forever. Something had sparked inside her, and the Disney magic was officially planted and born. Amy, with her wonderful husband Craig and beautiful girls, Kyra Lynn and Emily Rose, founded The blog documents each step of their journey, as they prepare to move from WI to FL to follow their dreams of living closer to the magic. Amy is excited to be a part of the Disney Driven Life as the Organizational and Planning Blogger.

We all have been there… we pack up as much as we can fit into our luggage, only to get to the room and think “Now what?” Here are some great tips on how to keep your Resort room organized along with your sanity.

Before leaving home, pick up a few things that will help your room stay clutter free.  The shoe bags that hang off the back of the doors come in handy and hang over the bathroom door in any Resort room.  You can use it for shoes, but also for hair products, make-up, curling irons, socks, underwear, and smaller items like hair clips and such so that it can all be located in one place.  Next, head to your local Dollar store and pick up a small flexible container that can be laid flatter inside your luggage.   Use this basket to put your change in at the end of the day, your car keys if you drove, and your room key as well.

Once you get to your Resort, and after you have enjoyed some Park time of course, plan your attack for what’s in your luggage.  Most people keep it in the bags they came with, which does keep your belongings organized.  The problem with doing it that way is that you have nowhere to go with your dirty laundry.  Once we get to the room, we combine the kids clothes into one bag and ours into another, leaving 2 open bags.  We then use one bag for dirty laundry and the other empty bag for souvenirs.  Once the first bag gets full of dirty clothes, we combine again to use another bag and so on.  You do use most clothes on a trip, so it helps to have a plan and to keep the room clean.

If you don’t use the dresser in your room for clothes, it comes in handy for shoes.  We all know that the rooms aren’t very big, and unless you are staying in a suite or DVC, any space you can save is great.  We place our shoes in the bottom drawers of the dresser so they are out of the way and no one trips on them.   Instead of littering the table and counter tops, throw your dry good snacks and candy into the top dresser drawers. Not only will this strategy make it easy to reach them, but you can keep little hands out of them as well.

Have a lot of electronic items? We all seem to have a cell phone, a lap top, a camcorder, and a digital camera!  Unless you have a smart phone that combines some of the features, you have A LOT to charge while on vacation. To keep them all together and in order, bring a power strip so that everything is plugged into the same place.  This alleviates the problem of having several things charging all over your room and accidentally leaving something behind or stepped on. It’s pretty tough finding one available outlet in a Resort room, let alone two or three, so using the strip means you only have to find one.

I hope these tips will help you keep your next Resort stay organized and stress-free… enjoy!

Contributed by: Amy Falk Petermann (NDM #365) Amy is the DDL Hidden Mickey and Organization Blogger. She is also the creator of The Relocated Tourist.


  1. I love the tips about the over the door shoe holder and bringing a power strip. These are 2 points of stress on vacation that you just opened my eyes to an easy inexpensive solution. Thanks! For the dirty close situation, we bring a garment bag with nicer cloths for dinner that we want to hang. When we arrive, we put them in the closet and our garment bag becomes a hanging laundry bag inside the closet.

  2. How interesting! I always unpack my bags and put my clothes in the drawers and closet. I travel very “wired” and the power strip idea is fabulous! I think I’m going to pick one up for my March trip and give that idea a try.

  3. Well I hope the shoes are put into a plastic bag before putting them in the drawers of the dressers. YUCK. To think that I put my clothes into the drawers that nasty shoes have been in. I think that is a horrible idea.

  4. Amy,

    Oh Awesome tips even if we stay in a DVC room. I especailly like the power strip one since we do have so many things to be charged.

    I also like the shoe holder over the door, the Bathroom sinks get so cluttered with so much stuff.

  5. Great tips, Amy! I am in LOVE with the power strip suggestion. I just threw one into our traveling Disney box because I don’t want to forget! Best idea ever! 🙂

  6. We always unpack our clothes and put them in the drawers and closet. I want the suitcases out of the way and out of sight. I don’t want to be reminded that I’m only there for a short time. We bring a plastic garbage bag for the dirty laundry and tuck it in a suitcase. Then when we pack to go home the dirty clothes in the bag are kept seperate from any clean things that are left.

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