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Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Mark grew up visiting WDW for the first time in the mid 90’s and then became a Disney Fanatic in 1999 when he was invited to the Epcot Millennium AP Weekend. Ever since, he’s had a love of Walt Disney World, and particularly Epcot that he has never let go of as he grew up. Now being a father and husband, he has spread his love of Disney to them and introduced them both to Walt Disney World in 2010, and have become a very Disney centered family. Mark and his wife Elizabeth started up IlluminatingEpcot.com to share their love of Epcot and currently updates the website multiple times per week.

With the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World starting up around the World, two very nice collector pin sets have debuted at Epcot over the last couple of weeks.  The “Epcot Passport Collectors Set” is the newest of the bunch and will set you back $60 dollars.  As I understand it, it is a limited edition of only 500 sets.  Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on this set and hope to do so very soon. This set features some of the original logos of The Land, Living Seas, World Showcase, Journey into Imagination, and Spaceship Earth.  It really is a must have, not only for the avid pin collector, but for the Epcot geek such as myself.  This set is an Epcot exclusive and can only be purchased at Pin Traders in Future World plaza.

The other new set is a set of 8 pins in a beautiful wooden box featuring some of the most popular Disney Characters!  Each character is holding a photograph that features different areas of the Magic Kingdom back when it originally opened.  This is one of the first 40th Anniversary sets that has hit the shelves and has been done quite beautifully. Honestly it makes me, as a pin collector, excited for what else we will see when the Florida Project collection comes out in full force. The inside of a lid has a quote from Roy O. Disney and really adds something to the set and the display.  The set costs around $200 from what I have heard (still waiting to confirm this).  If the set is a bit out of your price range, no worries since the pins can be purchased individually at $10.95.  However, you will not be able to purchase the Tinkerbell Pin, it seems.  There also exists another set minus the Tinkerbell pin that includes the Chip and Dale completer pins.  It can be purchased for $76.95.

Also this week we saw the Duffy Pin event, Love is Magical.  Pin traders were concerned that with the event only costing $50.00 it would not be up to Disney’s usual snuff.  However, as I’ve heard from some individuals who attended, it really was not a half bad event.  They showed some new and upcoming stuff like Star Wars weekend pins, and, of course, there were the special Valentine’s Day Duffy pins.  Photos are still coming out from the event so be sure to keep an eye out.

Both of these sets can be purchased through the WDW Mail Order or at Pin Traders in Future World Plaza.  Leftovers from the pin event, if there are any, will more than likely be available at Pin Traders in Downtown Disney or at Pin Traders in Magic Kingdom.

Contributed by: Mark Weaver (NDD#110) Mark is the DDL Disney Channel and Pins Blogger. He is also the creator of Illuminating Epcot.

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