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Casey is a 29 year old wife and mother of four girls ages 7 and under. Two of her four children have been diagnosed with Albinism and Sensory Processing Disorder. As a result, her life can be challenging at times, but her family tries to add "Disney attitude" on a daily basis to make the hard times easier. Casey has gone to Walt Disney World every year since she was a young child and strives to carry out this annual tradition with her own children. But in between the trips, Casey and her family do their best to bring Disney into their daily lives.

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Children with Aspergers are often obsessed with certain topics or items.  Sometimes it is hard for these children to think of anything else except the topic or item of their obsession. My second oldest daughter, Madison, is obsessed with modes of transportation. We live in a somewhat rural area, so, when she made her first trip to Walt Disney World, you can imagine her excitement when she saw all of the different types of transportation offered by the resort. It seemed as though my daughter preferred to ride on the buses or monorail rather than actually go into the parks and see characters. Walt Disney World quickly became a happy place for her! When it was time to leave we wanted to bring some of the magic home for her, so we purchased a replica Disney monorail and Disney bus. These toys became staples in our daughter’s life and went with her everywhere. She used them every day until they broke.

The fun doesn’t end, though, because when we are not at Walt Disney World, I am able to bring the Disney vehicles to her by watching videos on Youtube or looking at pictures we take while on our trip. I always make sure to take lots of pictures of the outside of the monorails and buses and of us on those vehicles. I have to be honest and say that this obsession of hers not only calms her down and makes her happy, but it also helps me.  When we are home, my daughter is able to bring me the magic of Walt Disney World when she tells me about how the monorail works or the sounds the buses make.  She takes me back to the World because I feel like I am there!

For those children who are obsessed with modes of transportation, Disney can be a big thing for them in ways you might not imagine when you buy that park ticket. Who else has as many forms of transportation as Disney? Who else has innovative rides that are also modes of transportation? I am thankful my daughter has this Disney obsession.  Not only does her love of transportation take her back to Walt Disney World daily, but it also takes me back and makes my day a little brighter.

Contributed by: Casey Kolb (NDM#309) Casey is the DDL Special Needs Blogger. She is also the creator of Disney Dream Finder.


  1. I’m a fan of the different forms of transportation at Disney too. I’m not sure if you know about it, but there are collector cards for buses, monorails and boats at Disney World that you can get for free. Another way to keep the love of Disney transportation alive at home!

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