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Elantrice was born and raised in Middle Georgia. Even thought Disney World was about six hours away, trips were made to the place where Elantrice fell in love with a Mouse. Disney was a place of excitement and fun during her teenager years. Adulthood, job, and “auntie” to two handsome godsons later, Elantrice’s love for Disney continues to grow and have a presence in her daily routine. She shares her love of Disney with others by giving tips to newbies, assisting one godson in collecting Disney pins and Vinylmation, and now being the shopping blogger for The Disney Driven Life. Elantrice’s goal is to spread her knowledge of this wonderful brand to others that has played a key part in her life.

When checking out, I never gave a thought about my purchases being placed in plastic and/or paper bags.  For years I used these bags without a care in the world.  Even reusing them as trash bags, made plastic bags “multi-purpose.” Today plastic bags are out due to the harm they can cause to animals on land or to marine life in the sea.  So what does a Disney driven person use? Disney reusable bags of course.  I have purchased several that range from $2.50 at The Disney Store to $9.95 at the parks.  The Disney reusable bags are stronger and hold more than the average plastic bag.

I keep several in the trunk of my car.  That way, I always have them on hand when I go to the grocery store or mall. If you forget you have them, place the bags near your front door or in a visible place in the car to see them when you get out.  Several stores are now encouraging the use of reusable bags by offering a small amount off  of  your  purchase.  Target offers five cents off your total, and Whole Foods will give a ten cent discount.

Another useful tip for a Disney reusable bag–and a way to keep the Earth beautiful–is to use it as a gift bag.  For Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc, I will put the person’s gift in the bag which adds to the gift because the bag can be reused.  The bag itself can be a gift.  Once during a typical Wal-Mart run, the cashier assisting me commented on my Mickey Mouse reusable bag.  She stated it was so cute and that she had never seen one.  Once she had rung me up and the transaction was finished, I handed her one of the bags and told her to have a “Magical Day.”  She was very surprised and could not stop smiling.  She thanked me several times.

So whether I am using Mickey Mouse, Princess Tiana, or the Muppets to hold my items, I am spreading a little pixie dust in the smiles these reusable bags create as well as saving a piece of the Earth for the next generation of Mouseketeers who will led a Disney Driven Life.

Photo credit: Elantrice H.

Contributed by: Elantrice Hughley (NDI#132) Elantrice is the DDL Shopping Blogger.


  1. Thanks for reading Raquel!! I did not think of the many uses until I started using the bags for groceries. You can also use them in the car if you have little ones to store books and toys to keep them together.

  2. I love the reusable bags. Recently, I was looking at the abundance of plastic Disney store bags in my house and I realized that I need to invest in a reusable bag or two myself so I will limit the amount of waste I’m creating. The great thing is that there are tons of designs for you to chose from.

  3. Great post!! Love wven more that myself and
    my four yr old benefit from your great reusable bag gift ideas!

  4. Such a great idea. I now purchase the bags to use as gift bags. This way it’s two gifts in one.

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