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Hi! I am a Canadian Disney mom to two Neurotic Disney Kids and a wife to my husband who still doesn't "get it" when I talk about Disney. Until a couple years ago, I assumed I was the only person in the world who thought about Walt Disney World every day and night. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I found the on-line community of Neurotic Disney People. My other passion outside of Disney is scrapbooking, and I truly don't feel life is complete unless I have a Disney trip album to work on. I've been scrapbooking for over 15 years and I belong to various scrapbooking forums as well. My secret wish is to be Tinkerbell as she flys out of Cinderella's Castle during Wishes, and my favorite food item at WDW is the corn bread at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. When I am resting at WDW you can find me resting by the pool at Port Orleans French Quarter. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom as it is the first one I ever visited and is the one with the most special memories!

A recent Scrapbooking article that I read talked about making Scrapbooking Resolutions for the New Year. It listed a variety of ideas that a Scrapbooker could adopt as their own resolutions for 2011. It made me ponder…Do I need to make some changes in my own scrapbooking? Have I found myself in a creative “rut”? I looked over my recent pages, and then looked at some completed albums from a few years ago to see how my style has changed. I then made this list of things for me to try to do this year in my Scrapbooking. These are my 2011 Scrapbooking Resolutions:

1. To use new combinations of colours in my pages:  Traditionally, my Disney pages have the likely red, yellow and black combinations, and my Christmas pages are red, green, and gold. I see that I need to think outside of the box and try new colours together. I also need to try colours that I normally veer away from. I see now that I don’t use much brown in my pages. My next layout will have some brown paper in it!

2. To use new accents in my pages:  I tend to use the embellishments that I have handy and are easy to use. Yet, I have some amazing chipboard accents that are sitting in my scrapbag that are just begging to be covered with snazzy paper or painted on. I also have tended to avoid using eyelets because of the extra step of setting them into my layout. I have fallen back on using brads instead because they are “easier”. I resolve to use these and other embellishments more readily.

photo credit: Mary Beth Caliciuri

3. To use new mediums in my pages:  I tend to use letter stickers for my titles or pre-made titles. I need to use my stamps more for lettering and I need to take my Cuttlebug (a cutting tool that will cut letters or shapes out of paper) out of my bedroom closet and start using it to make custom letters for my pages.

4. I need to enroll in more “Challenges”. My local Scrapbooking store has seasonal competitions where Scrapbookers are challenged to complete layouts with different tools, techniques, papers, themes, etc.  I used to compete in these challenges quite frequently, and it kept my Scrapbooking style fresh and unique. I have also viewed (silently) various on-line scrapbooking challenges. I need to actively compete in one of these. These challenges are going to get me thinking “out of the box”, which will help me to keep my previous resolutions.

5. To journal more in my layouts:  I talked about this in another Blog post, but I have realized that I need to tell more about “the story” in each of my Scrapbook pages. I need to share the “who, what, where, when and why” more in my work.

6. (This one is just for my own sense of whimsy) To put a hidden Mickey in each of my layouts:  Whether it is obvious or subtle, I have often done this in the past, and I want to make this a point in my 2011 Scrapbook pages.

Last year I made myself a promise to carve out weekly time to Scrapbook, which has been one of the most satisfying resolutions I have ever made myself. I gave myself a gift of time to engage in one of my favorite activities. This year my Scrapbooking resolutions are smaller in scale, but are ones that I think will keep my pages fresh and fun for me as I work on them and for my family as we look on them for years to come.

Contributed by: Marybeth Caliciuri (NDM#6) Marybeth is the DDL Scrapbooking Blogger.


  1. My scrapbook resolution is start, and hopefully finish the scrapbook for my last vacation before we go on our next one. Right now though I don’t have the photos printed and I’m not sure if I should make a layout before I get the photos printed or after.

  2. I would make getting the photos printed my first priority. Then you can work on your layouts knowing for sure which photo you want to use in it. My DH won’t let me start planning our next Disney trip until I finish the album from the last trip…it’s a good incentive to get the album done! Good luck finishing your scrapbook!

  3. I am working on making time for myself to scrapbook. With three little ones who love to “help,” it is hard to find time. But I will say when do find the time, it is quite satisfying! Love your #6! That is such a great idea! My resolution for this year is to complete one two page Disney layout every week. I am already a little behind, but I hope to be back on track this week!

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Good luck getting your 2 pages done each week. I only have 2 “mouseketeers” at home with me and I know how hard it is to make time for yourself!

  5. I’m always looking for new scrapbooking ideas, tips and tricks. I haven’t done much scrapbooking since we moved across the country three years ago. I’ve printed a few new pictures here and there but I’m essentially about 4 years behind (my 4 year old son doesn’t even have a baby book yet!). I’m longing for moving to a larger house where I’ll have the room to leave things out to work on as I have time throughout the weeks. Right now, I have to bring a table in from the garage, get everything out, make a couple of pages while entertaining my two boys and put everything away. It’s hard to get excited about that. It’s also a deterrent knowing the pictures you’re working on are 4 years old and you’ve got thousands of new pictures to print and work on. Maybe it’s time for some scrapbooking resolutions myself to try and get caught up.

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