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Marc is from Upstate NY, where he lives as a single Dad with his thirteen year old son. Although Marc had seven trips to Walt Disney World as a child and young adult, his true passion for all things Disney did not ignite until 2007 when he brought his young son to Disney for his first trip. After seeing Walt Disney World through his young son’s eyes on that trip, he became forever hooked on Disney! Then in December 2008, Marc really drank the “Disney Kool-Aid” at Mousefest (a gathering of the Disney community in Walt Disney World) and he has never looked back since. Since 2010, Marc has been a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. He enjoys answering guest’s questions and assisting them plan their Walt Disney World vacations. Marc will be sharing, with the Disney Driven Life Community, photo blogs of items at his home that remind him of Disney everyday as well as things that have special Disney memories to him. Marc proudly wears his NDD # 40 Badge!

Please stand clear of the doors…….Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!

This famous line floods my mind with memories of Walt Disney World.  The Monorail is second only to Cinderella Castle at epitomizing what Walt Disney World means to me!  Just like Disney, there is a story line behind everything and I have a story behind my love of the Walt Disney World Monorails.  One of my first Disney memories as a kid was riding the Monorail in complete awe at this marvelous form of transportation and when it actually drove right through a hotel (the Contemporary Resort) I was literally breathless!  To this day this is still a vivid memory for me.





So, yes, there is a Monorail in my house. I confess! It is a very small one, a die cast toy which sits on a plastic track on the top of my computer desk.  I purchased it on one of my Walt Disney World trips for under $25 and bought two sections of straight track to place it on.  You can find this Monorail at most of the Resort stores and in the Theme Park stores.  The color of the Monorail strip may vary and I have seen green, yellow, and black recently in Walt Disney World.

I typically purchase Walt Disney World souvenirs because they have particular meaning to me or they remind me of a memory or a special moment.  When I saw this amazing miniature, I knew that I just had to have it!  Now when I look up from my computer screen, a big smile quickly comes to my face as my little Monorail transports memories of Walt Disney World to me while I’m at home!

I desire to let you, the reader, glimpse into the various Disney things in my home in this and future blogs to hopefully inspire you to make Disney a part of your life and home.

Do you have items in your home that bring magical memories of your happy place to you?  I’m sure you do!  Please leave a comment and let me know what Disney things in your home bring “the World” to mind.

Contributed by: Marc Lorenzo (NDD#40) Marc is the DDL Homing Photographer and proud member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. Visit the Walt Disney World Moms Panel for help planning your Magical Trip. He is not a Disney employee. The postings on this site are his own and do not necessarily represent Disney’s positions or opinions.


  1. I too love riding the monorail, especially from TTC to Epcot. We also have a monorail here at our house, but we only take it out during Christmas and place it under the tree. The kids love just watching it and we spend lots of money on batteries.

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