Monorail Green exiting the Contemporary

photo credit: Marc Lorenzo

Marc L. (NDD#40) (3 Posts)

Marc is from Upstate NY, where he lives as a single Dad with his thirteen year old son. Although Marc had seven trips to Walt Disney World as a child and young adult, his true passion for all things Disney did not ignite until 2007 when he brought his young son to Disney for his first trip. After seeing Walt Disney World through his young son’s eyes on that trip, he became forever hooked on Disney! Then in December 2008, Marc really drank the “Disney Kool-Aid” at Mousefest (a gathering of the Disney community in Walt Disney World) and he has never looked back since. Since 2010, Marc has been a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. He enjoys answering guest’s questions and assisting them plan their Walt Disney World vacations. Marc will be sharing, with the Disney Driven Life Community, photo blogs of items at his home that remind him of Disney everyday as well as things that have special Disney memories to him. Marc proudly wears his NDD # 40 Badge!

Monorail Green exiting the Contemporary Resort