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Rich lives in Delaware and has worked in the financial industry since 1998. He credits his wife, Heather, for introducing him to the magic of Walt Disney World. In 1990, Rich was lucky enough to tag along on Heather's family vacation. They have returned almost yearly since their honeymoon in 1997 and consider Disney's Wilderness Lodge a second home. Other than his passion for Disney, Rich loves reading, playing miniature golf, and relaxing on the beach. Rich launched his own blog site,, in 2010 and is passionate about finding ways to save money for the purpose of vacationing with Disney. You can follow Rich on Twitter at @imrichmiller for his tips.

Are you dreaming of your next vacation?  I know I am, and, if you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you’re dreaming Disney!  While, times are tough all around the world, those of us fortunate enough to still be employed can make a big difference. Here at the Disney Driven Life and Inner Mouse, we have pledged to help Give Kids The World through our support of the Power Of 10 Project. Give Kids The World is a magical organization that fulfills wishes of children with life threatening illnesses by providing all expenses paid vacations to Central Florida. The Power Of 10 Project is designed to increase donations by utilizing your network of friends, family, and coworkers to help raise $1 million for Give Kids The World.

I want to suggest a way that your donations might be able to go even farther with Employer Gift Matching.  My employer is very generous and offers to match 100 percent of my charitable donations each year. When I make a donation, I fill out a request for the organization to receive a donation match from my company. Once a quarter, they send the organization a check matching all the employee donations. Does your company offer this type of Gift Matching? If you’re not sure, then consider following up with your Human Resources department to find out. If you and just 10 coworkers each donate $10 along with your companies’ match, then your work could provide $220 to Give Kids The World.  If those 10 coworkers also found 10 others, the total donation would be up to $2,220.  Now let me blow your mind – if they find 10 the total would be $22,220.  Typically, employers offer Gift Matching up to a certain amount per person, so the sky is the limit when we all donate just $10.

Giving with Employer Gift Matching is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. You WIN by feeling good that you were able to round up support for such an amazing cause. Your coworkers WIN by feeling part of the team that all worked together to make a difference. Your employer WINs by improved moral and teamwork. Also, everyone who donates, including your company, will be able to claim the donation on 2011’s income tax returns. So everyone benefits from such a small effort of just donating $10 – especially the children. I can’t think of a better way to incorporate our love of Disney with a meaningful way of giving back to those in need. Will you and your work place join us today in our pledge to ensure no child is turned away from Give Kids The World? The Power Of 10 can do this! WE can do this! YOU can do this!

In case you missed it, here is where The Power Of 10 Project was discussed on InnerMouse:

Contributed by: Rich Miller (NDH#47) Rich is the DDL Finance Blogger. He is also the creator of Mouse Money Fund


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