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Shalon was born and raised in West Virginia. Because she was so far away from the magic she only was able to visit the Magic Kingdom once as a child. Her love of Disney grew through movies and the Disney Channel. After college she relocated to Melbourne Florida almost by accident for her career. Knowing that she was only 1.5 hours away from Disney was exciting and within a few months she became a pass holder. After several years of visiting once a month she relocated to Orlando to be closer to the magic. Being so close to the magic has allowed Shalon to meet so many wonderful Disney enthusiasts like herself during her weekly trips to the World. Because of her love and knowledge of Disney Shalon receives phone calls and emails frequently from friends and family seeking advice on planning upcoming trips to Walt Disney World. She hopes to continue to share the magic and wonderment of Disney with people for years to come.

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In Walt Disney World’s second park you can find many great live musical acts.  One of my favorites has been performing since Epcot opened in 1982.  The group does several shows a day in the host pavilion, the American Adventure.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m referring to the Voices of Liberty.  The Voices of Liberty are an 8 part a cappella group that sing Americana, Folk, and Patriotic songs.  The group is internationally known and has even preformed for five United States Presidents.   Because of their recognition they are often referred to as “The United States vocal ambassadors to the world” and are known as the Liberty Voices outside Epcot.

The Voices of Liberty are just one of the great musical acts that can be found in this pavilion and are sometimes over looked.  The reason many people miss them is because they only preform 15 minute shows inside the American Adventure rotunda.   If you walk into this area, you would never know it is the Voices of Liberty’s stage.   Amazingly, the shape of the rotunda provides near perfect acoustics for the a cappella style of music.

Before the show starts people are usually spread out all over the rotunda.   Just before show time cast members will start to direct everyone to one side of the room.   The singers actually stand in the very center of the room directly under the dome.   This area provides the best acoustics for their show, and the best seats are actually on the floor underneath the dome.   Though this is the best place to be hear the performance, it doesn’t necessarily offer the greatest photo opportunities.   The singers are also a sight to see since they wear period costumes. The men and women wear early Americana dress with very rich detail.

The musical selection of the group changes often, so, if you catch a show in the early afternoon, you may want to come back in the evening.  The themes of their songs are Americana, Folk, and Patriotic.  An entire listing of songs they sing can be found on their website at .  In addition to their staples they also will throw in a few Disney classics such as “When you Wish Upon A Star” and fun interactive songs like “Old MacDonald had a Farm.”  On occasion a lucky park guest may also have “Happy Birthday” sung to them, so make sure to let them know you are celebrating!

Another great time to see the Voices of Liberty is during the Christmas season where their shows are comprised of many holiday classics such as “The First Noel.”  In addition to their shows in the American Adventure pavilion, the Voices of Liberty can also be seen during the holiday season in the Candlelight Processional.  This show is located just across the World Showcase promenade at the America Gardens Theatre.

The next time you are wandering around World Showcase and find yourself in America, make sure to stop by and see if the Voices of Liberty are singing soon.  Their show times can also be found on the daily times guides which are located throughout the park.  They really do an amazing show and are known to bring a tear to many eyes, including my own.  It will be one performance you will remember for years to come when recounting your Disney vacation.

Contributed by: Shalon Given (NDI#167) Shalon is the DDL Music Blogger.

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  1. The link you gave was to a different group! The “Liberty Voices” are not the same group as Voices of Liberty! (Similar and may even have overlapping members, but they’re not the same!) Just a heads up! PS the Voices of Liberty are so awesome. My visit to Disney isn’t complete until I’ve heard them at least twice. They inspire me so much.

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