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Recently, an announcement has been made regarding the Star Wars characters who will be featured in the upcoming attraction Star Tours 2. The list, announced by the Disney Parks Blog, includes the two new droids, AC-38, theSpokesbot Aly San San, and the already announced R2-D2 and C3PO.  The word going around is that C3PO, through an uncertain turn of events, will actually be piloting the Starspeeder!

Others on the cast list include Darth Vader, his storm troopers, and “skytroopers,” who are not from the movies, but made just for the show!  There are also Boba Fett, Admiral Akbar, Master Yoda, Princess Leia, and possibly even Chewbacca.  These lists of characters confuse me, mainly because I was under the impression that the second incarnation of this attraction was based on the movies previous to the 4th installment of the series (which for all of you non-Star Wars fans means the prequels Phantom Menace, etc).  These characters are all seen in later episodes, so I am very curious as to how this ride will play out.  One thing I am sure of, though, is that it is going to be AWESOME, and I cannot wait for it to open!

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2 thoughts on “STAR TOURS 2 CAST LIST

  1. I think you’ve gotten confused with the time frame, I believe it is set between the third and fourth movies “revenge of the sith” and “new hope”; not prior to Phantom Menace. This would mean that Annakin is now Darth Vader, Leia would be a teen (?) and Yoda would be somewhere between old and older. Depending on where in the say 20 year gap the story is, they can all be included; it probably makes sense to have Leia as a teen purley because then you can have a young girl playing her and it be believable that she grew up to look like Carrie Fisher.

  2. If it was in that time frame, that would make much more sense. I kept seeing images of the ride being related to Pod Racing, which is where Phantom Menace came from, I will have to do some more research

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