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Beginning last week, our teacher, Natalie H from, began our lesson on Disney Room Levels by getting an understanding of Resort Seasons and room location.  You may remember that these two variables help determine the room rate per night.  You can attend this lesson by clicking here

This week, we continue our lesson on Disney Room Levels with details on the accommodation room types per Resort Level.  As you may recall, the Resort Level categories include Campsite, Value, Moderate, Deluxe and Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  Details of the expected room types per Resort Level are as follows: 

1.  Campsite:  This level includes many different accommodations such as tent sites, pop-up campsites, and campsites with preferred locations and full hook-ups.  Room prices per night range from $46 to $125 depending on the Season of travel and whether a preferred or regular site is chose. 

2.  Value:  This level includes either 2 double-sized beds or 1 king-sized bed.  The rooms include amenities found in a typical hotel room: telephone, television, air conditioning, single sink vanity, soap, shampoo, and hair dryer.  These rooms average 250 square feet.  Room prices per night range from $82 to $179 per night depending on the Season of travel and whether a preferred or regular room is chose. 

3.  Moderate:  This level’s accommodations match those of the Value and include a small refrigerator and double sink vanity.  The rooms are an average of 310 – 340 square feet.  Room prices per night range from $159 to $284 per night depending on the Season of travel and whether a preferred or regular room is chosen.  Additionally, the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Lodge are included in the Moderate Level.  The cabins accommodate up to 6 guests with nightly rates ranging from $275 to $450 per night. 

4.  Deluxe:  These rooms will accommodate up to 5 guests with 2 queen-sized beds and a pullout couch or daybed to accommodate the 5th person.  King-sized beds are available upon request.  The rooms are an average of 340 – 410 square feet.  Room prices per night range dramatically here depending on the Resort chosen.  For example, rates at Animal Kingdom Lodge range from $250 to $580 per night, while those at the Polynesian range from $385 to $815 per night. 

5.  DVC:  These are considered the top of the line accommodations at Disney.  Typically, these rooms are rented to members through the Disney Vacation Club purchase process.  The rooms in this Resort Level vary dramatically from Studio accommodations to 3 bedroom Villas.  In addition, the square footage also depends on the room accommodations chosen.  The rates per room vary too drastically to price here.  Check with Disney for further information. 

The prices listed here are the published rates per based on Standard and Preferred Rooms only.  Disney does have additional room types per Resort Level, such as Suites and Concierge.  Again, specifics on these room rates can be found by contacting Disney. 

I hope that this lesson gave you a general understanding of the Resort Levels and what those Level’s accommodations feature. 

Return next week to round out our Resort Level lesson with a greater understanding of each Resort Level’s amenities. 

Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.

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