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We all know how large the craze of Silly Bandz has become.  Disney of course has joined in with their own line that includes the Fab 5, Toy Story, Pirates, Princess, Holiday, and Cars to name a few.  I have a couple that I wear and trade with my 4 year old godson.  I guard my pink Mickey Mouse one at all times.  My godson will take what he can from my nightstand when I am not looking, however, he is very willing to share.

This craze has played another role in my daily life.  I work in the mental health field as a Clinical Case Manger.  I work with children who have been neglected and abused sexually, physically, and emotionally.  These children struggle every day to cope with the trauma, including learning what they have experienced was not their fault.

My Director informed me of a therapist who would place a certain number of Disney silly bands on her arm every morning.  Each band signified a child she would see for a counseling session.  After exploring feelings or learning new techniques to enhance coping skills, the therapist would give the child a silly band to wear.  It is amazing how something so small would bring about the biggest smile.

In my office there is a jar filled with Disney silly bands sitting near the receptionist.  When a child concludes their therapy session, they are allowed to choose one silly band from the jar.   There are those children who know what to expect at the end of a session and new clients who are surprised.  I must say the jar has been filled several times, but the sound of the laughter makes it worthwhile.

A Disney silly band can be fun, fashionable, or a collectors’ item.  In my office they are a little positive ray of sunshine in the darkness of a child’s life that has been abused and neglect.

Contributed by: Elantrice Hughley (NDI#132) Elantrice is the DDL Shopping Blogger.


  1. Love the idea of giving them out as a special gift at the end of a session. I know teachers have them in prize boxes as well. If I was teaching, they would be part of my classroom now.

  2. Elantrice,

    My “R” has so many silly bands, the crazy thing is she wont wear them, after some have broken or gotten lost she keeps them in a box.

  3. Great post! I may need to schedule an appointment so I can pick from the jar. The kids you see are fortunate to have you even if only momentarily.

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