Photo Credit: Chris Reid

Starting this spring, guests will be able to schedule a time to meet with Mickey Mouse. No, you don’t call his secretary to schedule an appointment, but you actually use a system that many guests are familiar with, the FASTPASS.

Now that Mickey’s Toontown Fair is a thing of the past, guests were not sure where they would be able to catch their favorite mouse for photo opportunities.  As seen on Disney Parks Blog, Mickey will be available to guests in the Town Square Theater, a sight that is currently being revamped for the addition.  Guests will be able to wait in an interactive queue to see Mickey or, if so desired, you can pick up a FASTPASS.  When your window of time arrives, just march on in and see the big cheese himself! This is the first time that Disney has used the FASTPASS system for character interactions.

It was also announced that during the Fantasyland Expansion, guests would also be able to visit the princesses in the Town Square Theater, as their original meet and greet was removed along with Toontown and their new area will not be built yet.  The meet and greet areas in the Town Square Theater are currently being worked on and will be available to guests this spring.

Contributed by: Jessica Clawson (NDI#21)  She is also the creator of The True Disney Fan.

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