I am fresh from a dreamy weekend In Disney World with my hubby.  We stayed in the lush, Pacific Northwest Wilderness Lodge, dined at Citricos dressed to the nines and strolled through parks slowly…watching, talking and seeing shows.  It was a short weekend escape, but it was truly an escape.  This weekend is a memory I will hold dear forever.  Now that I am home again, I have begun thinking about our next romantic weekend away.  I’m not sure when that will be, but you know, it’s good to be prepared.

photo credit Ami Brundick-Eller

I want to think outside the box this time.  Like many neurotic Disney women, I fantasize about renewing my vows on the beach at the Polynesian, spending time with my husband who can’t stop staring into my eyes because I look so hot (magic happens- I could be sizzling), having champagne and roses delivered to the room, and of course, spending the night in the castle!  These are all fabulous things, but I plan on having many, many more “escapes” with my dear husband so I am in need of some new ideas in my repertoire.

As inspiration, I started thinking of some of the most affectionate encounters in Disney films.  I’m sure we all have our favorites; these are a few that come to mind.

Canoe Scene from The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric looks into Ariel’s eyes and is truly connected and listening to her on a very intimate level because she can’t speak with words.  He is trying to guess her name.  The moment is playful and sweet and, when they find themselves surrounded by Sebastian’s wonderland, a kiss seems inevitable.  We don’t all have a composing crab waiting to prepare an amorous scene for us, but we can certainly take away from this scene that giving each other the gift of our complete attention is truly an expression of love.  Idea #1:  Take out a little boat on Bay Lake and focus on each other.

“How Does She Know” from Enchanted

This passage is the “Camembert” of romance scenes.  Once you giggle past its cheesetastic-ness, you will find truly sincere guidance on expressing admiration.  So many people get married only to have the romance go extinct.  Not a good idea, folks.  Nobody enjoys feeling like they are taken for granted.  So plan that private picnic, go dancing and dedicate a song with words meant just for your love!  Idea #2:  Head to one of the resort beaches with a counter service lunch in tow, bring a couple of towels and have a picnic right there.

The Lantern Scene from Tangled

This scene is so visually and emotionally stunning.  This is the one thing that Rapunzel has desired her whole life and despite the fact that taking her to see the lanterns wasn’t initially heartfelt by Flynn, by the time they got there, it most certainly was.  The tenderness and innocence of that shared instance was breathtaking.  Disney may one day figure out a way to recreate this scene, which would completely rock, but the lanterns were not what made this moment marvelous.  It was an unexpected and genuine gift that achieved the most sighs.  Flynn desired her to have this experience because of what it meant to her, no matter that it may have cost him the crown he coveted. Idea #3: Give a gift~ something unanticipated, personal and completely selfless.  A memento or an event that shows how much your cherished partner means to you.

The tree climbing scene from Tarzan

Tarzan whisks Jane up into a tree and she beams at what she sees.  First of all, how much of a rush would it be to be up in a tree top?!  The really beautiful thing here, though, is that he cares for her so much that he wants to share this amazing secret with her.  He thinks she will appreciate it.  Now, in Disney, this one is easy.  Idea #4:  Take your significant other to your favorite place in the whole world (Disney World, that is).  Tell them why it is your favorite and share the intimacy of your heart.

I’m rather excited about these ideas, but I’ve barely scratched the surface here, friends.  What movie scene makes your heart flutter?  How can you make the essence of that scene happen the next time you are in Disney?  Of course, a practice run at home would be all right, too.  There’s never a bad time to spread a little Disney magic.

Contributed by: Ami B. (NDM#381) Ami is the DDL Ethics and Marriage Blogger. She is also the creator of Disney Park Goddess.


  1. Woohoo! I’ve got my next, like, 50 anniversaries planned now — thanks!

    Seriously though — great article. Disney is a place ripe with the possibility for romance, particularly for those aficionados among us who can find these kinds of moments and mimic them successfully.

    Good stuff!

  2. Thanks a lot, John! I am always looking for ways to keep the romance alive and fresh…I figured channeling some of these movies that already make my heart flutter would be an interesting place to start!
    Thanks a whole lot for the Tweet, too!

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