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Amenities!  These are typically what makes a resort one of your favorites!  This review of the amenities is broken down per Resort Level as follows:

1.  Campsite – All campsites are found at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.  In addition to rooms in the Campsite Resort Level, you will also find that the Fort Wilderness has rooms at the Moderate Resort Level.  As such, the amenities found for this least expensive Resort Level are great for the price!

This Level enjoys vast grounds with an array of activities to fill a day.  Activities include an arcade, carriage rides, bike and watercraft rentals, Dog Park, Electric Water Parade viewing, fishing, horseback riding, playgrounds, pony rides, pools, tennis and trails–keep in mind that not all of these amenities are free.  The pools for Fort Wilderness are spacious and include upgraded features such as slides.

The campgrounds include water, electricity, cable, a picnic table, and a charcoal grill.  On location is the bus system that runs to the various parks and to Downtown Disney through one bus route.  The bus also runs internally from one part of the Resort to the other.

2.  Value – All Resorts in this level include an arcade, grounds with play areas for children, iconic scenery and a variety of pools.  These pools, while large, do not include any slides or upscale additions.  The buses run only to the parks and Downtown Disney.  With no internal bus, guests often have to walk a bit more when staying in a regular room than they would when staying in other resort Levels.

3.  Moderate – Common amenities include bike rentals, beaches, an arcade, pools, and playgrounds.  The pools here include a whirlpool, a main pool and other pools closer to rooms.  The main pool is highly themed and includes a slide and play areas for children.  The bus services are the same as for the Campsites.

4. – Deluxe and DVC – The Resort Levels amenities vary per resort.  But, in general, they include upscale pools with slides and a children’s play area.  They also have bike and watercraft rentals, jogging trails, an arcade, fitness center, and–in some cases–tennis and basketball courts.  The bus services mirror those in the Moderate Level.

Hopefully this article will help you and your family find the Resort Level that makes the most sense for your vacation.

Class dismissed.

Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.

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