One of the newest shows to hit Disney Junior–and the one leading the ratings surge for the network–is Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  This new show debuted on the equally new Disney Junior network on February 14th of this year, and is on weekday mornings at 830am EST.  Jake has quickly become one of the most popular shows on the network.

The show, like a few others from the Disney Channel Family, features musical numbers that go along with each episode and are quite catchy, especially the theme song.  Also following the educational theme of most Disney Junior shows, Jake and the Neverland Pirates follows suit with many educational themes and curriculum.  Focusing on thinking and creative skills, moral and ethical development and teamwork, this show is perfectly suited for your child and you will enjoy watching it with them!

For those new to the show (Ok, I guess we all are since it’s only in the 2nd week of its first season!), in each episode Jake and his friends Izzy and Cubby head to Neverland and foil the plans of two of Disney’s famous pirate villains from Neverland: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee!  Each episode is broken down into two short adventures of the group from their Pirate Hideout, to their ship the “Bucky” on a treasure hunt.  The flow of the show starts with the group in some kind of fun activity or event, or perhaps playing with something that the kids found washed up on shore.  Soon, Captain Hook see’s this and considers whatever the kids are playing with or doing as some kind of treasure and thus the adventure begins.

The voice talent behind the shows features some familiar talent from other Disney series as well as shows on other networks.  Colin Ford voices Jake and has an extensive list of work for being such a young actor.  Madison Pettis voices Izzy, and you would recognize her from Disney’s “The Game Plan” (Featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson).   Other notable names include Jonathan Morgan Heit, Jeff Bennett, Corey Burton, and David Arquette!

If you’ve never seen an episode, I encourage you to do so.  If you’re an adult who is a kid at heart, you will enjoy this show as well your children!

Contributed by: Mark Weaver (NDD#110) Mark is the DDL Disney Channel and Pins Blogger. He is also the creator of Illuminating Epcot.


  1. We are in love with this new show. As a parent, I am thrilled when there is something that our entire family can enjoy. Not only do my 3 and 7 year old boys like it, but hubby and I ask to watch it with them. I can not wait to take the kids to see the new Hollywood Studios show in March. I have a feeling Jake will be inspiring new pirate props coming home with us after that trip.

  2. Thank you so much for producing a fun show…for older as well as younger kids. My boys are really enjoying these episodes.

  3. My kids and I watch this show. It is so much fun to watch. Love the music too. cant wait for merchandise to come out. I will buy up everything. My two year old only wants to watch Jake….I enjoy watching too

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