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Amanda's experiences with Disney got off to a rocky start at age 4 when she infamously asked her mom in the middle of the Magic Kingdom if she could "go back to the room and color." Her attention span, however, has increased since then, and now she cannot get enough of Disney. She aims to visit Walt Disney World as much as her college budget will allow, and--in between trips--she satisfies her Disney hunger by managing The Disney Driven Life, blogging for Disney College Blog and tweeting from her @discollegeblog account. She strives to live the Disney Driven Life every day, so she can be the best Neurotic Disney Individual she can be.

Photo Credit: Adam (NDH 36) and Suzie (NDW 54)

Turns out dogs watch vidcasts too!  In this photo, Dexter the Beagle watches an episode of inner mouse.  His parents, Adam and Suzie, are very proud of this Neurotic Disney Critter!

Do you have a photo or video of you or a fellow NDP leading a Disney Driven Life?  Send it to us at, and you could be featured in the NDPs in Action column!  Be sure to include your name and NDP number in the email, so we can give you proper credit!

Contributed by: Amanda P. (NDI#76) Amanda is a DDL Blog Manager. She is also the creator of Disney College Blog and a host on the Generation Mouse Podcast.

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