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I am a Disney freak and a true southern princess! My love for Disney began when my parents took me on my first trip in 1987. There is not a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about my next vacation to see the Mouse. Being at Walt Disney World allows me to be a kid again, immersing in all the magical pixie dust while tuning out the real world.

Have I ever doubted myself?  Of course – I’m human!   But I still believe that “Nothing’s impossible”!  This is a line from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and it’s one that I can relate to on a daily basis.

When Alice first falls down the rabbit hole, she tries to enter Wonderland through a small door.  Due to her size, she is unable to

During my mid twenties, my Doctor informed me that I would have a difficult time conceiving.  I can still remember the gut-wrenching pain that I felt in the bottom of my belly as the Doctor was giving his diagnosis.  I never accepted my diagnosis.  I simply believed that “Nothing’s impossible”.  Six years later, I gave birth to my little Princess.  And three years after the birth of my little Princess, I gave birth to my little Prince – which was just a year ago.  Imagine if I had just given in to “It’s Impossible”!

I always wanted to get a graduate degree, but life was just happening too fast.  How in the world would I work 40 hours a week, take care of a toddler and go to school three times a week?  I was asked this question by several people when they found out my intentions.  Would it be difficult?  Yes, it would be extremely difficult.   Outside of class I would need to study, write papers and tend to my home and motherly duties.  Did I give up on my dream?  No!!  I received my Master’s of Education degree two years after attending my first class.  I had such pleasure in telling all those naysayers “Nothing’s impossible”.

In my home, the word “can’t” is not allowed – it is a bad word.  I want my Princess and Prince to grow up knowing that “Nothing’s impossible” as long as they keep their dreams alive.  Will there be naysayers along the way?  Yes, but like the line in Alice in Wonderland, “Nothing’s impossible”.

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  1. Very inspirational. My wife and I have had our own troubles in attempting to have children (due to a severe folic acid deficiency in utero — check on this if you or someone you know has experienced multiple miscarriages!), and we fairly consistently have to fight the “can’t happens.” Similarly, we are both miserable in our current career situations, and it’s all too easy to give in and just, “be unhappy.”

    It’s stories and advice like yours (and plenty of others in our new-found community here at the DDL!) that help keep us afloat — thank you, Cassie.

  2. Thank you John! I can definitely relate to your situation. Remember Nothing’s Impossible” and keep on dreaming!!!

  3. Awww, Cassie, your story has so touched my heart! I am so proud of your deteremination to not doubt your dreams and to put in the hard work to have them come true!

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