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My husband, my son (age 5) and I (Natalie H of Meet the Magic) just returned from our vacation aboard the Disney Dream.  Following our fun there, we headed over to Disney World for a few night’s stay at the All Star Movies Resort.  My son and I had previously stayed in the All Star Movies in the Toy Story building located right beside the main building back in September 2010.  The room was very nice and very convenient.  With this in mind, I booked this location for our stay after our Disney Dream fun.

When we got to the hotel, I found my reservation information and handed it to the Disney cast member.  The room was a Preferred Room at the All Star booked using the Annual Pass discount.  My husband prefers the moderate rooms.  Therefore, when I checked into the resort, I inquired about upgrading from the Preferred Room to the moderate resort (we had a car so this could easily be accommodated).   The cast member was gone quite some time before returning to say that the moderate rooms were all booked.  I then made sure that the room we would receive was a Preferred.  She then stated that there were no Preferred Rooms available.  We took our keys and headed to building 6: the Herbie building.

Tired from our day of travel to the resort and a day at the parks, we headed straight to the showers where I found that the room was not clean (For example, the previous guests left behind hair).  Also, the chest of drawers was old with bits broken off from overuse.  The bedspread needed replacing, as it was very dingy.  Now, I always try to write the most positive posts when it comes to Disney.  I love Disney.  I love to stay there.  I love to play there!  When I am not there, I am thinking about how to get there again!  However, I believe that when paying for a room at Disney, you should get a room that is clean and well maintained.  This is part of the Disney difference I have grown to expect!

I am not saying that you should not stay at the All Star Movies, as I have had both a good and a bad experience.  I will, however, be leery of staying there over Pop Century when booking in the future since Pop was just recently renovated and is pretty fabulous!

Share your experiences with All Star Movies here with me!  I am interested to hear your story!

Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.

One thought on “ALL STAR MOVIES – A REVIEW

  1. This is all well and good, BUT you mentioned that you had stayed in the Herbie building and the Toy Story building, both of which are located in All Star MOVIES, which is a far cry from All Star MUSIC (the resort mentioned in your title). I have always loved All Star Music. Movies – not so much, and for many of the reasons you mentioned. I think you do need to correct your title, however, so as not to confuse those who do not know the difference between the three All Star Resorts (Sports, Movies and Music).

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