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One of the things that makes participating in a runDisney event even more fun than your average local race is the amount of characters that show up for the race.  This is even more true for the Princess Half Marathon.  You will see dozens of Ariels, Snow Whites, and all the other princess on the course.  You might even see some of Disney’s men out there too!

photo credit: Alyssa Maldonado

The outfit that one is going to wear is something that many people plan months in advance (or hours as is my case).  Some people go all out and run in an outfit that could double as their Halloween costume.  Others simple purchase or make their own tutu or a special shirt to commemorate the occasion.

You never know who you will see on the course!  I love being able to see the different costumes and read the sayings on the shirts. I especially love the couples who will get out there and run as some of the famous Disney couples.

Here are some of my favorites from this year:

photo credit: Megan Annunziata

Peter Pan!  When did he grow up?  I wonder if Tink shared some pixie dust with him.  This man is brave.  Not only to be seen in tights, but to run a half marathon in them.

photo credit: Alyssa Maldonado

Snow White and Snow White?  Am I seeing double?  I think the early hours were playing with my eyes.  I honestly loved their costumes though.  The material that they used for the costumes was made out of material that would be comfortable to be in for 13.1 miles.  Being comfortable has always been a greater concern for me than looking cute.

photo credit: Alyssa Maldonado

These ladies graciously posed for this picture.  These costumes were amazing and don’t these ladies look fabulous in them?  I don’t know if I could ever run a race with a bare midriff, but I saw a lot of Jasmines on the course and all of them looked amazing!

photo credit: Alyssa Maldonado

And let’s not forget about that new family of characters that Disney acquired!  Captain America was spotted on Main Street heading towards Tomorrowland.  I bet he could run a thousand marathons without even breaking a sweat!

Next year I plan on taking some time to plan out a great costume for my run.  I haven’t decided which princess I would like to run as, but I hope to have a full costume to wear.  Which Disney character would you like to run as?

Contributed by: Megan Annunziata (NDA#1) Megan is the DDL Fitness Blogger. She is also the creator of Megan in Wonderland.


  1. I remember when I did the princess half it was only a few months after Princess and the Frog came out so I saw a dozen frogs. I think my favorite pair were the two men dressed up as Ursula and Maleficent. 

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