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Amy Falk Petermann was born in Menominee, WI and now lives in the Fox Cities. As a child, Amy would beg her parents day in and out to take her to Walt Disney World. She would finally get her wish at the young ripe age of 17, where her life would change forever. Something had sparked inside her, and the Disney magic was officially planted and born. Amy, with her wonderful husband Craig and beautiful girls, Kyra Lynn and Emily Rose, founded The blog documents each step of their journey, as they prepare to move from WI to FL to follow their dreams of living closer to the magic. Amy is excited to be a part of the Disney Driven Life as the Organizational and Planning Blogger.

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I think the most overwhelming thing so far during all of our relocation preparation has been deciding what is most necessary to take with us. I get caught up with the memories, instead of the use of the item, and for such a large move like this, it has to be more about use than anything. Because we aren’t moving any furniture, the majority of storage will be in clear and colored bins. Here is how we have organized our items, and hopefully this helps those of you looking to do the same.

First, I took each and every available bin we already owned in our home, and emptied them of items that would not be coming with us. We had several bins already because of the Craft Room I had, plus we had several in closets around the house. We found that every time we were out shopping for anything else, we would get giddy in the storage aisle because it reminds us of the move. We almost bought more bins, many times, but had to remind ourselves that we had to take a full day to search every corner of our house so we didn’t “over bin” ourselves and the move. After we did a count, only THEN, did we head out to Target and pick up another bin to coincide with the rest. Speaking of, let’s talk color coding.

Most of the bins are clear, all except 3 white ones and 4 pink ones. We decided that it would be easier to use the pink ones for the kids- they get 2 each for their personal belongings. The white bins are the memory boxes which contain the school records, baby books, etc… We like that the rest are clear so we can see what we are moving and placing where when we get to our official place of residence.

They are all now lined up in the basement, and we decided to post it note each bin for what its needed for. We had bins for pictures, kitchen items, game storage systems, DVDs, framed art, collectibles, 2 for Christmas items, bathroom, lithographs, books, computer accessories, and so on. All of our clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals are being put in space bags.

Keep in mind that when purchasing bins for a move, you should buy the same kind, so they stack nicely in your moving van or truck. Also you want to buy bins that are a decent size to store things in, but also a good size to pick up and move. Some of the larger bins are so big that you need at least 2 people to move them.  If you have to move them multiple times, like we will, you want to keep it small and simple.

We will be having a trial run of how they all fit in both vehicles once the snow officially melts away, again. This way we know that everything fits, and if we have room, or don’t have room, we can adjust our items accordingly NOW instead of the day we are actually packing them up to leave. I hope this helps all of my relocating pals out there!

Photo Credit: Amy Falk Petermann

Contributed by: Amy Falk Petermann (NDM #365) Amy is the DDL Hidden Mickey and Organization Blogger. She is also the creator of The Relocated Tourist.

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