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Elantrice was born and raised in Middle Georgia. Even thought Disney World was about six hours away, trips were made to the place where Elantrice fell in love with a Mouse. Disney was a place of excitement and fun during her teenager years. Adulthood, job, and “auntie” to two handsome godsons later, Elantrice’s love for Disney continues to grow and have a presence in her daily routine. She shares her love of Disney with others by giving tips to newbies, assisting one godson in collecting Disney pins and Vinylmation, and now being the shopping blogger for The Disney Driven Life. Elantrice’s goal is to spread her knowledge of this wonderful brand to others that has played a key part in her life.

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My sister and I made a quick trip to Walt Disney World to meet up with Disney tweeps and to see the beautiful topiaries at the 18th Annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival presented by HGTV.  This year’s festival, which began on March 2nd and ends on May 15th, offers tips on gardening, conservation, and presentations by HGTV’s designers.  I was excited to see several topiaries of characters such as Lotso, Mickey & The Gang, Pooh & Friends, Lightin’ McQueen, and Lady & The Tramp to name a few.  I had the opportunity to walk through Bambi’s Butterfly House.  I saw Water Wise Herbs & Vegetables, presented by Rain Bird Corporation and The Art of Green Living presented by FNGLA.

So in the middle of the flowers blooming and butterflies flying, where does Disney shopping fit in?  I wondered how I could take home some of this festival to remind me of my time there.  I cannot keep a plant alive.  Even Lucky Bamboo turns brown on me, and all you have to do is water it every now and then.  In the good ol’ Disney way, there is Festival merchandise.  There is a beautiful 2011 Festival poster created by artist, Rachel Tribble.  My sister purchased a print for her office.  There were event shirts, a tote bag, and a Disney garden statuary.  There was even a pink flamingo with Mickey ears.

I collect pins and Vinylmations, so I purchased a pin for my collection.  A Vinylmation was created last year and was available this year.  For gifts I purchased magnets for my parents and aunt.  Of course I wanted a Chinese garden, but, as I said before, plants die when left alone with me.

Walt Disney World has always provided merchandise from specific events.  I know when I flip through my pin book and see the 2011 Flower & Garden pin, I will think about this trip, enjoying topiaries of some of my favorite characters, and spending time with my sister.

Copyright: J. Givens

Copyright: J. Givens

Contributed by: Elantrice Hughley (NDI#132) Elantrice is the DDL Shopping Blogger.


  1. I loved this festival (and the shopping to go with it). I will have to go again.

    -The sister

  2. Great read, Elantrice! Glad you had fun, I love the Garden Festival…I got to go three years ago and was really impressed with the awesome topiary.

  3. Great read, Elantrice! Glad you had fun, I love the Garden Festival…I got to go three years ago and was really impressed with the awesome topiary.

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