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Jen has had a fascination with the Disney culture since her first trip with her family when she was 12. After discovering that there was a community of people who were “as crazy as she was” about her love of all things Disney, she started finding ways to visit WDW more often and give back to the community. In 2010, Jen started her own company, Hyperion Travel, and became a Disney Destination Specialist. As an avid endurance athlete and a college volleyball coach, Jen is very connected to the WDW athletic world. She also trained and completed the 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon. As a pet travel specialist, Jen brings unique destination advice to her clients by "experiencing the magic" with her bulldog, Lucy. You can follow Jen and Lucy on Twitter at @hyperionginn and @thedisneydog, or visit her website,, or Lucy’s website at

I just got back from Walt Disney World about 2 weeks ago. This trip was a little bit different from my usual ventures, as I went down looking for specific things: blog ideas, photo opportunities, and merchandise to write about. During my journey, I spent two separate nights shopping and dining at Downtown Disney. The first night was a quick jaunt through the shops, just to get an idea of some items to purchase before my departure. I didn’t want to spend a ton of time in World of Disney this first night, as I was extremely tired from my trip and had a very busy day planned starting the next morning.

As I normally do at World of Disney, I went looking for specific sections that I like to browse. These include the kitchen/household items, the jewelry, and the pet items. Lucy, my English bulldog, can always use a new Disney item. I quickly walked through the store, browsing a bit, and working my way through the crowds. I went to the normal pet supply area but didn’t see anything. I assumed that maybe they moved the merchandise. Knowing that I would be back, I thought nothing of it and moved on to leave the store and catch the bus back to Pop Century.

Day six of my trip, I returned for a more leisurely stroll through the shops of Downtown Disney, hoping to pick up a few items and find Lucy something special. After searching for some time for the pet supplies to no avail, I approached a cast member hoping for some direction. She proceeded to tell me that the entire resort was COMPLETELY OUT of all pet items! Stunned, I asked her if she knew when they would be back in stock. Her answer was June. June!

I had plans to do a blog about all the cool pet-related items that you could pick up while at Walt Disney World, but that idea is an epic fail for now. I was so disappointed with this that I plan to write a letter. I’ll let you know how this goes.

In the meantime, if anyone has a trip nearing and doesn’t mind going on a scavenger hunt, I would love to hear what you find! Never in my wildest dreams would I think that all the pet merchandise would be gone! I would love to hear about what pet merchandise is your favorite or what you wish that they had.

Contributed by: Jen Ginn (NDI#27) Jen is the DDL Pets and Sports Blogger. She is also the creator of Hyperion Travel Company.


  1. I’ve always been disappointed with the pet products at Disney. Not enough colors, etc. I love Disney, I love my pets but I’d love a collar, a hankerchief, etc., and never get because the selection to me is always lacking.

  2. When we were there in Feb I asked the same question as I was looking for something for both my cats and dog. I was told that they would no longer be carrying pet related merchandise. Sad…….

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