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Rob lives in Virginia and works in the maritime industry. His first exposure to Disney was from hismother, a Disney nut herself, who took advantage of any opportunity to bring Disney into their home. Rob began visiting the parks as a young child going to Disneyland almost every year. At the age of 10 his family took their first visit to Disney World and he fell in love. Since taking his lovely wife on their honeymoon to Disney World in 2006, Rob and his family have returned to a Disney park every year (usually multiple times!). His family has been DVC members since 2009 at Animal Kingdom Villas and 2010 at Saratoga Springs. Rob is the founder of and is passionate about helping people maximize their Disney experiences.

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The past few weeks the web has been set a buzz again with the rumors of a Grand Floridian DVC addition.  The concept is apparently leaning towards the Animal Kingdom Villas model– convert existing space in order to sell inventory immediately while constructing a new building that will represent the bulk of the DVC inventory at the resort.

The Grand Floridian rumor is just another in a long line of rumors we’ve heard this year– let’s recap:

  • Last October we saw the same steps we’ve seen over the past few weeks– Disney began filing various permit applications for a building over the former River Country water park.  This would essentially develop the land between the Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness and the rooms on the drawing seem to have a footprint similar to DVC.
  • Following the path of the Mineral King project Walt himself was pushing before Disney World, there was speculation in January that Disney was looking to build a ski resort in Utah after the Aulani project was complete.
  • There are the rumors that the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel will also lead to a new DVC component at the original theme park.
  • A brochure online from an architecture firm was published this past November discussing the designing of a California-themed DVC resort for Disney World.
  • And right here in my hometown there is Disney’s National Harbor Project, which would seem to lean towards a DVC component as well, but this is on hold until after the completion of Aulani.

One thing is clear at this point– Disney has a number of irons in the fire and no one really knows where they will be building next.  However, the speculation is a fun thing for the DVC fanatics out there as well as those looking to buy in the future, but waiting for the perfect resort.

The picture is also becoming a little clearer on what DVC has in inventory.  Disneyland is completely sold out.  Bay Lake Towers is close to full, and Animal Kingdom seems to have passed the 50% mark in sales.  DVC is also no longer actively pushing Saratoga Springs at sales events.  Sometime in the next 12-18 months some other DVC option other than Aulani, which began sales last year, must begin to come on line in order to ensure an Orlando property is available for sale.  I do not see any non-park concepts being brought on line until Disney gets a better picture of how Aulani is selling.

So what are your thoughts?  Do any of these projects peak your interest? Would any of them make you non-DVCers buy in to the program, and would any of the converts add-on?  What other concepts have you heard of or would you like to see DVC tackle next?

Contributed by: Rob Whitney (NDD#107) Rob is the DDL Disney Vacation Club Blogger. He is also the creator of Disney Family Man.


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