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This past Friday, work on the planned Disney amusement park in Shanghai has begun after several delays.  Walt Disney held a special press event this past week for the special event in Shanghai, which began the construction of the sixth Disney park in the world (other locations including Florida and California in the US, and Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong–in case you didn’t know.)

The park will be built on 963 acres of land, a size that is only 1/26th the size of Walt Disney World in Florida and is estimated to cost $3.7 billion. Besides the theme park itself, the site will also be home to two hotels, what is called a “commercial and restaurant complex,” which I am taking to be a Downtown Disney feature, and a lake.  The park is expected to be completed in five years, putting the projected opening some time in 2016.  I am glad to see Disney spreading the love and look forward to visiting this park someday! To see some concept art posted by Disney Parks Blog, visit the post here.

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