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John grew up in South Mississippi, left for the military life for a few years, then decided to return home to driving distance from Walt Disney World, where he and his wife leave their hearts at least once a year (until the move to Celebration can be made, anyway). A former specialist in nuclear weapons, current specialist in web development, and aficionado of hot-air balloons, Harleys, multiplayer online game development, and the trombone, John keeps all things Disney close to his heart and always in mind no matter the situation. Just ask his Harley friends about the Disney World sweatshirt and Mickey watch he wears on the road….

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Welcome again, neurotic friends o’ mine, to the DDL technology corner.  I’m hard at work on yet another hare-brained business/tech idea, and so, between obsessive coding sessions, I decided I’d share a personal goal of mine, as it’s closely related to both Disney and technology.

I am a web programmer by trade.  I began learning to program computers at the age of 12, and then earned a degree in Computer Science.  I began developing professionally during college and do so full time today.  I also love video games, so I focused a lot of my learning and “fun projects” on building games.

Most of my work these days is more mundane — seminar management for lawyers, audio translation services, and e-commerce websites for lighting equipment companies.  I’m also married with “real responsibilities” (whatever that means), so I don’t have quite as much time to “play.”  I do hold to one particular dream though, and I always have it in mind as I develop as a developer (pun absolutely intended) — to one day have a game I write be acquired by and become a part of the Disney brand.

How awesome would that be!?  To marry my love for Disney and my love for creating entertainment for kids and kids-at-heart would be a real dream come true.  The craziest part is that it’s actually possible….

I’m blessed to have married a fantastic graphic artist who shares my love for the laughter of children (and, of course, my love for Disney), and we’ve already begun planning a brand of fun and educational games designed for children from toddlers up.  I have the technical knowledge, she has the creative vision, and it’s one of the few instances, I believe, in which we’ll work well together on such a project (we’re also both very stubborn and don’t always agree…).

The ingredients, then, are there.  The passion for the task, too, is strong in us both.  There’s just the time and hard work left to actually build it, and we’re working on guiding our careers towards a lifestyle that allows us to pursue these kinds of special projects.

And the very best part?  Even if Disney never even glances our way, we’ll be happy in the knowledge that Disney’s ethos and creative awesomeness inspired us to build a product that, we hope, many young’uns will one day enjoy.

I could live with that.

Now what about you folks?  What has Disney inspired you to do with your skills and talents, tech-related or not?  Share in the comments!

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