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I am typically a pretty organized person.  However, sometimes when I am scrambling to get my plans made over at Walt Disney World, I do not have my flight arrangements already made or do not have the information with when I’m booking.  On one of my recent vacations, I did not realize that I had accidentally not booked my Magical Express transportation until a few days before my day of travel!  If you should find that you are also in this same situation, here are the steps you should take to get you your reservation for the Magical Express:

1.  Gather your flight information including all guests’ names, flight arrival and departure times, and flight numbers.

2.  Call Magical Express at 1 866-599-0951 (I know!  An 800 number!  CRAZY!)

3.  Give your first and last name and your date of arrival at the Walt Disney World resort.  They will find your resort information there on their computers.

4.  Give them your flight information.

If the reservation for the Magical Express is not make at least 2 weeks ahead of time, your penance is standing in line once you get to the airport in the Magical Express line.  Here you give your name and hotel information to the cast member.  The cast member will also give you printed information you need for riding the Magical Express.  If you would like Disney to move your luggage to your room, you should give them your baggage claim numbers from your airline to the cast member.  They will do the work from there to get you your bags.

If you had made your Magical Express reservation 2 weeks prior to your date of arrival, you would have received luggage tags in the mail and would have no need for standing in line as you would have in hand the proper paperwork for your ride aboard the Magical Express.  Remember this.  This can often save you quite a bit of time as that Magical Express airport line is typically rather long!

Now that you are on board the Magical Express, have fun on your Disney vacation!

Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.


  1. I have a Magical Express question! I usually only have one carry-on and a back-pack when I go to WDW. Can I carry them both on the bus?

  2. Yes! I have always been allowed to take my carry-on and my kids’ backpack on the Magical Express Bus. The year my luggage tags did not arrive, I had to go get my own bag from Luggage Claim 🙁 and drag it to the bus but that was stowed under the storage area of the bus.

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