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With only one year to her name, Hannah made her first trip to Disneyland with her family. She has loved Disney and being in Disney Parks ever since. As a little girl, her fascination primarily manifested as Cinderella and Aladdin movie-watching marathons. These days her obsession expresses itself more in the way of collecting Disney Pins and Vinylmation. So while her heart no longer pounds at the sight of her favorite childhood princess, Jasmine, her Disney obsession is still as strong (if not stronger). As a teen, she avidly shares her love of Disney with others who always laugh when she explains her addiction. Fond memories are what keeps Hannah's Disney Spirit alive. She remembers walking down Disneyland Main Street and seeing Sleeping Beauty castle for the first time, and it is one of her favorite things to recall.

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I love Disney’s Animal Kingdom, for more than one reason. First, everything is lush and green. We don’t get a lot of that where we live in Arizona. Second, it’s hands-down the most relaxing park for our family. We could spend our whole vacation just wandering and exploring the park, hiking all around the trails, spraying people on Kali River Rapids with water, or simply just sitting on a bench watching monkeys. It also has some fabulous attractions for teens.

1. Expedition Everest– One of the best roller coasters ever! If you’re not picky about who you ride with I strongly suggest using the single rider line. However, if you do wait in the standby line, this attraction has one of the most fascinating queues. At least one of the buildings was imported, in pieces, all the way from Nepal!

2. Kali River Rapids– A good way to cool off on a hot day. It’s a relaxing and pretty attraction. If you decide not to ride, wait for your party on the bridge where you can squirt them with water!

3. It’s Tough to be a Bug!– A cute show, but the main reason I suggest it is because you get to go inside the Tree of Life. I could spend a whole day just finding animals on the tree, and going to see the show gives me the chance to do that.

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris– This is my favorite attraction in this park. I’ve never been to Africa, and I doubt I ever will go there, but when I’m on the safari I completely feel like I’m there. I love that no two safaris are ever the same. Make sure you bring your camera and set it to sport mode, because you may get some incredible shots. The animals are most active in the morning, so head to Harambe as soon as you get into the park.

5. Festival of the Lion King– The singers are absolutely amazing. This show is so much fun and I have never met someone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy themselves. It’s a definite must for all ages.

6. DINOSAUR– This attraction has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, and it is not one of my personal favorites. However, I do think you should try riding it once. This is another attraction that has a really interesting queue. Make sure you get your picture with Sue outside- she is a replica of the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered!

7. Finding Nemo- The Musical– Unfortunately, I have not gotten the chance to see this show yet.  I have heard nothing but amazing things about it and definitely recommend it.

8. Primeval Whirl– It’s currently being remodeled, but my mom and I have a blast on it.

Animal Kingdom is a wonderful, relaxing park with a lot of great attractions for teens. However, you could just spend a day wandering through it without riding any attractions.

This concludes my tour of the top teen attractions in both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I really hope this helped you plan your next trip to one of the happiest and most magical places on earth.
Contributed by: Hannah N. (NDT#23) Hannah is the DDL Teens’ Viewpoint Blogger.


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