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Living in Delaware her whole life, Jessica did not know much about Walt Disney World until she went at 13 years old. That initial trip, though, got her hooked on the magic. As the years went on, she did everything she could to learn more about Disney (including watching documentaries and reading books). She did not know many people that shared her passion until she discovered the wonders of the internet and the Disney community found on it. She has gotten involved with as many Disney projects as she can, including writing the weekly news articles for The Disney Driven Life and writing for her own blog, The True Disney Fan. Jessica has also taken on a position with Celebrations Magazine, working the social media aspects of the publication. Through all these platforms, Jessica strives to bring as much Disney magic as possible into her everyday life, and she works to share it with everyone she meets!

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Last week, the Orlando Sentinel released an article stating that there will be even more themed rooms to choose from on Disney property! Disney has announced that they will soon begin transforming a little over 500 rooms on the Port Orleans Riverside property to “Royal Rooms”.  These rooms, supposedly used by the princesses themselves when they come to Walt Disney World for vacation, will have fixtures and decorations that are themed around different princesses, including those from The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.  This idea is similar to that of the already popular Pirate-themed rooms in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and comes after a survey that Disney issued early last fall asking what kind of themed rooms resort would interest guests.  These rooms are said to be ready by February or March of 2012, just a few months before the opening of the first phases of the Art of Animation resort.

Another idea that Disney wants to try is for their deluxe resorts.  Beginning as a small pilot program, the 14th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort will have a health and wellness theme.  This floor will have a private yoga studio, custom-designed menus, and concierge services.  The rooms will have bamboo floors, low-allergen pillows, exercise equipment, and massage tables.  In other words, this floor will be the dream of any health-conscious vacationer!  These suites will be opening up this coming November.  Several people who talked to the Orlando Sentinel say that they are not sure how these rooms will sell, but for the amount of hype health-consciousness has stirred lately, I feel these rooms may actually interest quite a few people.

Contributed by: Jessica Clawson (NDI#21) Jessica is the News and Current Events Blogger. She is also the creator of The True Disney Fan.

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