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Elantrice was born and raised in Middle Georgia. Even thought Disney World was about six hours away, trips were made to the place where Elantrice fell in love with a Mouse. Disney was a place of excitement and fun during her teenager years. Adulthood, job, and “auntie” to two handsome godsons later, Elantrice’s love for Disney continues to grow and have a presence in her daily routine. She shares her love of Disney with others by giving tips to newbies, assisting one godson in collecting Disney pins and Vinylmation, and now being the shopping blogger for The Disney Driven Life. Elantrice’s goal is to spread her knowledge of this wonderful brand to others that has played a key part in her life.

On March 29, 2011, I had the opportunity to attend the Media Event at the newly-designed Disney Store before its opening on March 30th.  The store is located at Perimeter Mall (4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30346).  The new store design “aims to create a retail experience from a child’s perspective to deliver the best 30 minutes of a child’s day.”  This is the first store of its kind in Georgia.   The store measures 4,145 square feet.  I loved the unique “skyline” of the store.  The Fox Theater, a historic landmark located in Downtown Atlanta, is one wall with “Plane Crazy” on the marquee.  In another area of the “skyline,” Ariel and Prince Eric sit in a boat taking in the Atlanta skyline beyond the trees.  At different times, you may catch a glimpse of Dumbo flying by or a hot air balloon.  Placed around the store are 12 foot tall animated trees.  Projectors reflect certain moods and season on them.  I observed the trees “blooming” and Alice & friends sitting in the branches.

View of the skyline - Copyright: Elantrice H

View of the skyline – Copyright: Elantrice H.
Tree – Copyright: Elantrice H.

There are several unique features to this Disney Store.  The use of technology is outstanding.  When you enter the store on the left, there is a Disney Princess Castle.  In the castle area, is a Magic Mirror.  The mirror comes to life and tells a story of a princess with the wave of that particular princess’s wand.  Of course, I chose to see what Tianna would reveal.  After moving from the princess area to the right, you come to the boys’ area of the store.  Here you will able to build a car in the Cars Ridemakerz area.  You choose the body of one of the famous Cars characters and build it from there.  A Cast Member will assist you in adding sounds, lights, and decals.  Once the car is complete, the Cast Member announces your accomplishment and hands you the key to your car.  I plan on taking my godson to have him make his own car.  Do not be surprised if I walk out with a car for my home office.  In another area of the store is the Disney Store Theater where film clips can be seen.  This area will also host several in-store activities to come.

Disney Princess Castle – Copyright: Elantrice H.
Cars Ridemakerz Area – Copyright: Elantrice H.
Disney Store Theater – Copyright: Elantrice H.

I was able to obtain invitations to the Family & Friends shopping event that started at 4:30pm on the same day.  Guests were allowed to tour the store and purchase items with an incentive of 20% off a purchase. The merchandise carried is about the same as the other Disney Stores:  plush, costumes, clothes, mugs, and souvenirs.  Due to my love of Vinylmation, I bought the 9”/3” combo of Maleficent, who is in the Villains series.  FYI, she sits besides the 9” Fantasia.  Don’t worry.  Mickey is still winning the battle.

9″ Vinylmations – Copyright: Elantrice H.
Plush – Copyright: Elantrice H.
Copyright: Elantrice H.
Copyright – Elantrice H.

I will say my experience at the store was good.  I would encourage Disney fans and non-Disney fans to experience this type of Disney Store at least once.  The store holds a lot of magical details that you have to have a sharp eye to catch.  Oh, be on the lookout for the Villains, who attempt to throw off your shopping experience.  I will not reveal too much about this.  Just wanted you to have your *Pixie Dust* ready along with your credit card while shopping.

Contributed by: Elantrice Hughley (NDI#132) Elantrice is the DDL Shopping Blogger.


  1. Nice pictures – very well done. I think the scene with Ariel & Eric may be to reflect the pond/lake and gazebo and footbridge in Piedmont Park here in Midtown Atlanta. 🙂

  2. Hi JoeZer,
    Thank you for reading the post. Yes, you are correct. What did you like about the store?

  3. I want to go to the new store!!!!! I wish they’d open one in Charleston…I miss working at the Disney Store so much! Good article, Elantrice! I look forward to your blogs!

  4. Thank you for reading J! Please come down for a visit. We can go to the store together 🙂

  5. Good post, guess the next trip up will have to include time to explore the store.

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