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Betsy grew up moving around the eastern part of the U.S. Her first trip to WDW was as a baby in 1980. She returned for only a day each year until she moved to Florida in 1998. It was at that time she became a passholder and never looked back. Now she goes one to two times a month on average. Betsy loves listening to Disney music and watching movies when she's not stealing away to the parks. She has had the privilege of staying at each of the Disney resorts and is now trying to eat at each and every restaurant on property. One of Betsy's favorite things to do is share the magic of Disney with others by helping to plan trips. She especially loves introducing her goddaughter, Katie, to all things Disney. Betsy has been a guest blogger for Lou Mongello and enjoys keeping up with her own personal blog, Floridamingo.

The other day one of my good friends asked me if I was going to get my haircut any time soon.  This was asked out of love, I’m sure, since every time she sees me on Skype, I have my hair up in a pony tail.  I do live in Florida and it is hot, so my hair is up most of the time when it is long enough.  I tend to prefer to keep it short, but there is a reason I’m letting it grow out.  I explained to my friend that I was considering letting my hair grow out for a while longer because I was thinking about donating it to Locks of Love again this year.

For those of you not familiar with Locks of Love, it is a non-profit organization that takes donated hair and makes wigs for children under 21 in the U.S. and Canada with hair loss from medical conditions.  You can read more about the donation process here.  There are several other similar charities like Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Wigs For Kids.  Each charity has their own requirements, so read carefully before considering donation.  The lengths range from 8 – 12″ minimums in a pony tail.

Now we get back to my story and how it relates to Disney.  I decided two years ago, after realizing how many people in my life have directly and indirectly been affected by cancer, that this was something I wanted to do.  As I mentioned, I typically like to keep my hair relatively short, definitely above my shoulders, so this was going to be a challenge for me to not get it cut, especially in the heat of summer in Florida.  Compared to the kids I would be donating my hair to though, this was nothing.

My hair was finally long enough to donate last July and I came up with a brilliant idea that I would commemorate the occasion by getting my hair cut in the Magic Kingdom at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street.  This is something that I’d wanted to do for years, but the timing was never right.  Adult haircuts cost $19 just for a cut, no washing or drying.  When I went in, I told the Cast Members what I was doing and that I was donating my hair.  They said they are used to it and do cuts for that purpose several times a week.  In fact, they had already done one that morning already.

One of the treats of getting your haircut at Disney is the potential for seeing the Dapper Dans.  Being a barbershop quartet, they are known to pop in to sing while the customers as they get their haircuts.  I was fortunate enough to be serenaded while I was there, and they even take requests!  Having the Dapper Dans sing Lida Rose from the Music Man to me while getting my first Disney haircut was truly a magical moment for me.

The CMs are always friendly, and I was able to see a little girl get her first haircut ever–not just her first Disney haircut. One man got a beard trim and had pixie dust and Mickey confetti put in his hair.  It was the most fun I’ve ever had getting a haircut, and it felt amazing to be doing something good for someone else.  Since they are accustomed to accommodating those donating hair, the CMs wrapped my pony tail in tissue and put it in a bag for me since I forgot to bring my own ziploc bag to store it in while I was in the park for the afternoon.  My mom was with me and documented the process for posterity sake, thankfully, so here are some before, during, and after pictures.

Have you ever had your hair cut at the Magic Kingdom?  Was it as a child or more recently as an adult?  I am almost to the point of going back for another haircut to donate this summer, but not quite yet.  I might opt to donate to Beautiful Lengths this year, which is Pantene’s charitable organization that donates to cancer patients.  If you have the opportunity, and the patience, I highly suggest that you look into donating hair to one of these charities.  It is a way you can pay it forward, that doesn’t require a monetary contribution and can actually save you money since you won’t need to get your hair cut for a while.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had and also was fun thanks to the wonderful Cast Members at the Harmony Barber Shop.

Contributed by: Betsy Bates (NDI#152) Betsy is the DDL Recreation Blogger. She is also the creator of Floridamingo.


  1. What a wonderful thing you’ve done! Great idea to have the cut done at Disney!

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