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Brian was born and raised in central Florida at the footsteps of Walt Disney World. After falling in love with the movies Aladdin and The Lion King, he decided that he would pursue a career in art. Shortly after college, Brian bought an annual pass to Disney and it became a regular hangout for him and his friends. It seemed that everything positive in Brian’s life had something with Disney involved in it. Disney has become a great stress reliever and a great home away from home, a place where the kid in everyone can come out.

Photo Credit: Brian Fee

I want to continue with an ongoing theme I’ve had lately with images from around World Showcase. It seems that night or day there is always a wonderful area that catches your attention, and one such place is the fountains just in the French pavilion. Just after the sun goes down, you will find that the way Disney has lit this pavilion gives this area a whole new look at night. The shimmer of the light coming from the fountain and the soft yellow light of Les Chefs de France really helps set the mood for a relaxing evening. This World Showcase country has a lot to offer from its signature dining to the upscale shopping. I personally enjoy finding a quiet corner, having a seat, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The image you see here is from one of those evenings I spent just taking my time and looking for something special.

Contributed by: Brian Fee (NDH#44) Brian is the DDL Roaming Photographer.



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    Absolutely gorgeous! Often times it seems as though the simplest things like water, rocks etc. can have the most amazing impact on people. Thank you for sharing.

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