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Shalon was born and raised in West Virginia. Because she was so far away from the magic she only was able to visit the Magic Kingdom once as a child. Her love of Disney grew through movies and the Disney Channel. After college she relocated to Melbourne Florida almost by accident for her career. Knowing that she was only 1.5 hours away from Disney was exciting and within a few months she became a pass holder. After several years of visiting once a month she relocated to Orlando to be closer to the magic. Being so close to the magic has allowed Shalon to meet so many wonderful Disney enthusiasts like herself during her weekly trips to the World. Because of her love and knowledge of Disney Shalon receives phone calls and emails frequently from friends and family seeking advice on planning upcoming trips to Walt Disney World. She hopes to continue to share the magic and wonderment of Disney with people for years to come.

On a recent evening stroll through Downtown Disney, I unexpectedly found a group playing that I thought had disappeared from Walt Disney World.  As I rounded the corner of Raglan Road I was greeted with the beautiful sound of “classical” music.    Once I got closer I recognized the group as Nova Era.  This group played in the Italy pavilion at Epcot from 1999-2000 and was loved by many guests. Nova Era was formed in 1999 and has been a staple in the Orlando music scene ever since.  In addition to their performances at Walt Disney World, the group has toured all over the world.  Recently they teamed up with QVC to reach out to a wider audience and their music and DVDs can be purchased through the

Today Nova Era was set up in the cobblestone courtyard area, known as the Lily Pad stage, just in front of Fulton’s Crab House.  One of the first noticeable things about Nova Era is their beautiful 18th century inspired costumes and ornate powdered wigs.  Don’t let the costumes fool you though; upon taking a closer look you see many of the musicians are actually using state of the art electric instruments.  This twist the group puts on their music inspired their tag, “Classical Music with a Groove.”   Many people will recognize some songs from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and many more, but they won’t be performed as originally written.  Nova Era takes many great classical songs and puts a modern twist on them by spicing
them up with a modern beat.  This upbeat music is a great way to get a new generation interested in classical music and a nice way for many traditional songs to be brought back to life.

The group plays at Downtown Disney from Thursday to Sunday.  Their show times are scheduled as 7, 8, 9 and 10 pm on those nights.  Seeing one of the later shows is a treat since they also have great mood lighting accompanying them after the hot Florida sun sets.  Guests are encouraged to dance along to the music as well and if you like many of their CDs are available for purchase on site.

Visit their website to find out more information on their worldwide performances and to purchase their music and DVDs.  Nova Era can also be booked for special events and they would truly be a great addition to any special celebration.


Contributed by: Shalon Given (NDI#167) Shalon is the DDL Music Blogger.

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