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With all of the news that came out recently from the parks, let’s not forget the newest news from Disney Cruise Line,  the details for the newest addition, Disney Fantasy.

To the excitement of many at the official announcement, Disney Fantasy will feature some of the much loved features of its sister ship, Disney Dream, including the AquaDuck, Magical Portholes and Enchanted Art. It was made clear though that these ships are merely sisters, not twins, as Disney Fantasy will have several new features all its own.

One of the new additions to Disney Fantasy is called “Animation Magic.”  This is a dinner show in the Animator’s Palate restaurant that gets families involved in the theming of the restaurant.  Guests will be able to use character templates on their placemats to learn to draw different Disney characters and later on in the meal, see these sketches on large screens around the restaurant and even featured in an animated sequence.

Adults will appreciate the next new feature on Disney Fantasy as it is only available to those guests 18 years and older.  The area is called Europa and it is a series of bars and lounges that are inspired by areas around Europe. The lounges include La Piazza, based around Italian cities, O’Gill’s Pub, a modern Irish bar, Ooh La La, with a sophisticated French boudoir theme, The Tube, based on the London Underground and Skyline, which shows the skylines of different European cities every day and night.

Disney of course would not add this new area for the adults and forget about their younger guests.  They have brought a popular stop from within the parks onto the ship in the form of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  The salon will transform little princesses into…well…little princesses with hair styles and makeup of royalty.  This is not all this area of the ship does, for on nights when the Pirate Party is happening, the Boutique will become the Pirates League, changing all of the ships guests into pirates with scars, beards, eye patches and more.

According to Disney, this is just sample of what is to come for this new ship, which is to set sail on its maiden voyage in March 2012.  More details will be divulged as the date draws near.

Contributed by: Jessica Clawson (NDI#21) Jessica is the News and Current Events Blogger. She is also the creator of The True Disney Fan.

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