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Connie Roberts can still remember her first trip to Disney World even though she was 7 years old. The joy she felt would stay with her for years until she could visit again as a teen. That's when she hatched her plan to move to Florida. Although it took many years for this plan to come to fruition, Connie surrounded herself with all things Disney. And with every move, the closer she came to the parks, the more Disney she gathered. Finally in her late 20's Connie was close enough to Disney World to visit and drive back home in a day. Being a Disney FANatic has been passed on to her 2 daughter and her husband and she's found sharing this love on her blog Brain Foggles and on Twitter, where she's known as the go to person for Disney World questions.

The featured blogger of the month of May is Jessica Clawson, also known as Lady_Aurora on Twitter and NDI#21. Jess is an ultimate Disney fan, who writes here about current events. Her life is like a sponge that soaks up everything and anything concerning Disney.

Jess’s first trip to Disney World was in 2002 with her family. They try to visit every other year and make memories each vacation. On her last two trips, Jess was able to meet up with her online friends and do the things she loves in her favorite place ever. Sounds like fun was had by all! On her trip last June with her boyfriend, Chris, she made the most out of her last day. The Magic Kingdom was open until 3 AM that day, so she and Chris spent the whole day there trying to enjoy every attraction they could. At about 2:59 AM, they were on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and were the only riders. Jess said it felt they were the only people in the park too. “It was completely magical!”

Jessica ClawsonBesides scrapbooking, Jess collects pins. With a new lanyard for each trip, her pins are memories to be treasured. She’s also going to start using a new video camera to capture her moments at Disney. If money were no object, Jess would rent a jet and travel to all of the Disney parks. She’d take time to enjoy each one, eat in each restaurant, and take all the backstage tours. Can you imagine what her scrapbook, photos, pins and videos would look like?

Besides writing here at The Disney Driven Life, Jess writes on her own blogs, The True Disney Fan and Walt’s Writers. She’s the social media manager for Celebrations Magazine and is nicknamed the Disney Girl at work and previously at school. She’s like a sponge that takes in anything related to Disney!

Jess lives a Disney Driven Life through her writing, by wearing Disney clothing and accessories, reading Disney books and cooking Disney style. She’s also a fan of Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stitch, and Tangled because of the “music, story lines, characters and all-around Disney feel!’

She has a lot to be proud of as well. She recently graduated Neumann University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education and a minor in Music, is finishing her position as a substitute aide an autism and severe disabilities classroom and has been playing music for 16 years, including the flute, piccolo, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone and piano. Although Jess has never worked for the Walt Disney Company, she sure has the skills.

Jess is very active online, with her blogs and on Twitter, sharing the love and news of Disney. Follow her on Twitter and take a look at what she writes. I bet you’ll smile along with her and learn something new about Disney.


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