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Connie Roberts can still remember her first trip to Disney World even though she was 7 years old. The joy she felt would stay with her for years until she could visit again as a teen. That's when she hatched her plan to move to Florida. Although it took many years for this plan to come to fruition, Connie surrounded herself with all things Disney. And with every move, the closer she came to the parks, the more Disney she gathered. Finally in her late 20's Connie was close enough to Disney World to visit and drive back home in a day. Being a Disney FANatic has been passed on to her 2 daughter and her husband and she's found sharing this love on her blog Brain Foggles and on Twitter, where she's known as the go to person for Disney World questions.

If you’ve read Disney inspired haiku, you know the June Featured Blogger of the Month – J.B. Conway. He  is also known as the Mouse of Zen or MOZ.  J.B. has 13 years in law enforcement, wants to be a Disney Travel agent and currently manages several social media accounts.  J.B.’s interest for Disney is a huge part of his life.

His first memory of visiting Disney was losing his Mickey Ears in the toilet when he was only three years old. Although he wanted to keep that hat, his parents insisted he throw it away. J.B. was heartbroken. Now he saves everything from his Disney trips – photos, souvenirs, park guide maps, etc. Hopefully he won’t become a hoarder after this traumatic event! J.B.’s Disney haiku is another way to save Disney memories, or actually create them. He has his own blog and book both named Mouse Of Zen, where he shares his poetry for readers to enjoy.

Since 2006, J.B. has been to Disney World every year with his family. He plans to continue this until his children reach college age.

J.B. Conway

Photo Credit: J.B. Conway

They’ve only stayed at Pop Century and consider it “home”.  He and his family have created memories there and want that to go on and on. Although he’s never worked for Disney, he hopes to retire to the Orlando area and get a job at Disney World. Wearing a Disney name tag would be an huge honor for him.

Although J.B. is teased by his fellow police officers over his passion for Disney, he gets the last laugh when they come to ask him advice when they are planning their own trips. Helping others with their trips and planning his own trips would come in handy if J.B. does decide to train to become a Disney specialized travel agent.

Besides visiting Disney World every year and writing Disney haiku, J.B. listens to and takes part in Disney podcasts, in Disney forums, and is active on Twitter and Facebook where he shares his interest of all types of Disney information. J.B. also watches Disney movies and television shows with his children, reads D23 and Celebrations magazines and stays informed about Disney news. His favorite movie is Pete’s Dragon “because that was the first movie I watched with my daughter when she was smaller and now my son loves it just as much. The music from that film pulls at the heart strings as it makes me remember my kids.”

J.B.’s favorite park is EPCOT, his favorite attraction is Illuminations, he enjoys many Disney World restaurants and every trip with his children are his favorites! Get to know more about the talented J.B. Conway through his haiku here on the Disney Driven Life, at his blog or by reading his book.

Contributed by: Connie Roberts (NDI#176) Connie is the DDL Interviewer and Collectibles Blogger. She is also the creator of Brain Foggles.

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  1. Great post it is always great to get to know other Disney fans. I think if you love Disney you save everything as a reminder you were there.

  2. AGREE! I save the POP check-in folders and put all things in there like park maps, resort map, park schedules, napkins, etc… Then, you can take that folder years down the road and revisit that trip

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